Battleship 2012

Been wanting to watch Battleship the moment Andrew and I saw the trailer, it was right after we watched the movie John Carter. Surprise, surprise, Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) is the lead actor again in Battleship. It’s a weird thing. You usually don’t see these actors, but once you saw them on the big screen, then they will keep appearing throughout the year. All of a sudden every director wanted them in their movies? Or the stardom struck them? Anyway, I’m happy to see Taylor Kitsch, he’s charming. :)

Lookie, lookie, it’s another movie by Peter Berg! If you were (or still are) a fan of Chicago Hope, you will definitely know who Peter Berg is. I still remember I was once smitten by his looks. Hahahaha. Oh boy, that was like 15 years ago!!! And now he is an old man. Sigh…… I’m not that young neither. :( Peter Berg is indeed talented. Actor, producer, director and writer, I must say he did well. Hancock was a movie that took me by surprise that Peter Berg could do such a brilliant movie.

When I saw the trailer with the music and all that, I suspected that it was the same person who did the music for Transformers, and I was right. :D You just can’t miss Steve Jablonsky’s style. In fact, there is so much similarity in the music between Battleship and Transformers. There were times I felt like I was watching another version of Transformers.

The movie, was great! Andrew and I totally enjoyed it! Love the storyline, although it seemed a little too non-logical at some point, it is still no doubt a good story. What I don’t understand is, if the Secretary of Defense could contact the Vice Admiral who was also in Oahu (where all communications were believed to have been severed by the aliens), why couldn’t Samantha contact the father directly to destroy the satellite disks? Instead, she contacted the boyfriend who was also at wits end on the sea??? Also, the aliens only destroyed the roads that lead to the array, why couldn’t the military send some aircraft to investigate? I found it ridiculous that NO ONE sent any ship near the protective shield by the aliens. Every navy just waited by the shore to see if the 3 missing destroyers came back miraculously? Now you see, I really enjoyed the movie, it’s just that I don’t understand these parts where they looked too forceful. You know that “someone” did them on purpose just to make the movie more interesting. I wonder what would happen if Alex Hopper wasn’t as smart as in the movie. Hahahahaha…… Perhaps then we would see a story of aliens taking over the earth. :P

So, it was a great movie if you don’t take things seriously. Just like when you watched Transformers. If you like Transformers, you’re gonna like Battleship too. ;)

2 thoughts on “Battleship 2012”

  1. Haha….yala…no need to take it so serious de…else we’ll be the director to understand it better. I find it not bad either. Just enjoy the whole action… ;-)

    1. Yalor. It’s still nice lah. Andrew came out from the cinema and kept nodding his head, “not bad, not bad”. Beh tahan! hahahahahaha…

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