Everything Is About The K-Pop Now

When I was in college, Korean dramas were suddenly becoming the most popular thing. Everyone was watching Korean dramas, not many was watching the Japanese dramas which were once the most popular too. The Hallyu wave they called it. I on the other hand, find that Korean dramas were too draggy. They could well be on the same crying scene for half an hour for goodness’ sake! I don’t have that patience.

The Korea I’m speaking here, is South Korea.

Few years ago, Korean’s music industry was getting more and more attention internationally. The Hallyu wave took a turn, the focus was on its music industry. It started with Rain and Dong Bang Shin Ki (东方神起, DBSK). I was admiring Rain’s dance moves and body, and loving the songs by DBSK. Andrew’s cousin is a hopeless fan of DBSK, she even went to their concert here in Malaysia before, calling one of them her “husband”. Hahaha. I wasn’t that crazy. I was merely admiring their voices and music.

Then, the Hallyu wave continues. Came the Super Junior, Big Bang, 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, to the recent Girls’ Generation. Now, all eyes are on Korea’s music industry. They seem to sing the best songs, dance the best dances, have the best looks, produce the most brilliant music videos…… Especially their dance moves, other than Michael Jackson and his dance team, Korean groups are the second I’ve seen such unity in their dance moves. What makes them creep to the top in such a short period of time?

If you have seen or heard Super Junior singing live, which you can easily find them on YouTube, you’ll be amazed. They can dance, they have the looks, they have the body and the most amazing part is, they can SING very well! Trust me, all of them, can sing very well even when they’re dancing. You can’t deny just how talented they are. Andrew’s cousin is also crazy about SuJu, she has been to a few of their concerts here! Some even with VIP tickets! Envious! I love SuJu too. T__T

Have you also heard Big Bang? Each of them has very unique voice! Now I love to listen to them. Listen to their Love Song, they sing with so much passion. Their style though, is getting more and more daring in their latest music video, Fantastic Baby. It is really, errmm… scary. :P However, you can’t deny that the song is great.

A year ago, Andrew and I heard this song on radio, and we fell in love with it. Both of us were amazed that how easy it is for the tune to register in your brain and make you sing along! Honestly, not many songs have that “power” to make you sing along the first time you heard it.

You can see that I didn’t mention about the girls groups. That’s because, I only admire them dancing, but not their singing and looks. They have every rights to look pretty, but to me, they’re too plastic. Yes, at least they have the guts to do it and admit it, I admire that too. However, to me, those are not “real” anymore. And that makes them look all the same. :P Everyone somehow has the same nose and mouth. Don’t ask me to identify who is who in Girls’ Generation, I have no idea at all. :P

Then, there is this Trouble Maker. It’s not a group, it’s a song, by HyunA (from 4minutes) and Hyunseong (from Beast). This song too is very catchy. And the music video is so sexy. :P

Why is K-pop so successful? People are crazy over it even when they do not understand Korean.

You certainly don’t see Taiwan or Hong Kong’s music industry got so much of attention, not even in the good old days. Have you seen any new and young successful singer from Hong Kong lately? After the glorious 4 (Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok and Andy Lau), is there any who is as successful as them? Eason Chan? I don’t think so.

Japan has had its glorious days too, but their music industry too is dwindling. I’ve even lost sights of their news except the tsunami and nuclear power plant. Where are their singers now? Who are the popular ones now? I have not had a clue. So sad……

Taiwan is constantly producing good singers, but their styles are way too different from K-pop. You don’t get the same kind of excitement you get from K-pop in Taiwan’s music. They can sing, but not all of them can both sing and dance well like the Koreans. Their music videos are beautiful, but not as vivid and interesting as the Koreans.

Do those Korean music producers and labels know better than the rest in how to please the public? Is it because the Korean has a strong spirit in “doing the best in everything” (look at the Korean cars)? Or simply for the reason they have more talents than others? They dare to be different? Their courage to try?

How long is this Hallyu going to last? I believe it is going to stay in the limelight for a little longer. They’re churning out more and more talented people, sometimes you wonder where do they come from and do they ever get shortage in their talent pool? What I’ve mentioned here are only a few well-known groups, there are still so many of them who are really good like 2NE1, Beast, 2AM, FT Island, SHINee, T-Ara……

You just can’t deny that their music/songs/tunes/dances are freaking good. Not forgetting some of them can act too.

Here’s another one of my favorites. :) And Choi Si-Won, is my LOVE. Wuahahahahaha. :P

2 thoughts on “Everything Is About The K-Pop Now”

  1. Probably its because we don’t understand what they are singing, so we focus more on the beat, music, voices and dance moves (if watches video). I duno why…but when these Korean groups sing love songs…it really ‘melts’ my heart la…hahahha… =p

    1. Yalor yalor, totally agree with you!!! When they sing love song memang very “lam” lah!!! It’s like you want to follow them home gum. LOL! Hahahaha…

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