Few days ago, I uploaded a photo montage of myself out of boredom. Nothing better to do, I took some photos of myself, edited them and uploaded to Facebook. One of my friends commented, half jokingly, “ban narcissism”.

I admit, I love taking photos of myself. In fact, everyday if I remember, I’ll try to take at least one photo of myself. It’s fun, to see your own face changes every now and then. I’ve been doing this for the past one year or so.

Am I a narcissist? I don’t think I am. I love myself but not to the extent of I am incapable of loving others. You may want to go Wikipedia and read all about narcissism.

I always make sure I dress appropriately whenever I go out. I consider myself a casual person, I dress in clothes that I feel comfortable in. I don’t really like to wear dress for shopping or going out with friends. Only occasionally when the mood strikes and I will then wear a dress which is comfortable for me to move about. I dress well out of respect for myself and the people I am going out with, not because I am feeling vain.

I always feel good about myself. I know I am not the prettiest girl, but I am at least good looking. So, I definitely don’t think I am narcissist. I am vain, but I am not into extreme narcissism.

There is a fine line between being vain and narcissist. I am not crossing that line and I certainly don’t see myself crossing it in any near future that I can foresee.

I will ask Andrew if I look good in a dress, but I do not look in the mirror and say “darn, I look pretty!”

I will look in the mirror to check my appearances, but I do not look at the photo and say “holy cow, I am pretty!”

I will walk with confidence and thinking I look good, but I do not ask people if I look pretty.

I will want to look good in what I wear, but I do not think that I am perfect and pretty.

So, please, stop calling me narcissism if you see me posting photos of myself!

Whether you are joking or serious.

You can call me vain, but NOT narcissism!

Everyone of us has that little bit of narcissism lingering within, don’t ever tell me that you do not look in the mirror and secretly say “I’m looking good”.




Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

P.S.: Some are arguing that the we are entering a world of narcissism. The influence from the celebrities, cultures and the advertisements that constantly promote beauty and good looks. Guess what, blame ourselves. We are the ones who educate our next generations. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for promoting narcissism and banning narcissism, please take a look at your own educating method. If you want to know more, you can read it here.

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