BERSIH For What?

I’ve been wanting to write about this yesterday. However, knowing myself, I know I shouldn’t put anything in writing when I am upset, disturbed, confused and feeling unwell.

If you have no idea or not sure what BERSIH is all about, it is time for you to understand it better. You don’t support something blindly without understanding the meaning behind it. You can read the full description of Bersih on Wikipedia:

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (MalayGabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil) or Bersih (meaning clean in Malay) is a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections.

BERSIH 3.0, was not just about go there, show up then go home. It was about sending the message to everyone, that we want at least a fair election.

Why the clean and fair election, you asked.

The current ruling party has been governing the country for nearly 55 years, of course we can’t deny the good times and good things that the previous leaders had brought us. We are not some ungrateful people who do not appreciate what they have done for us. Indeed, as many others said, we have benefited from the existing government and system too. So, why suddenly do we want the change so much now?

Look at the recent years! A local artist, Auguste Kwan, wrote this on his Facebook:

50年前,大家說,馬來西亞真好,好過香港日本。 30年前,大家說,馬來西亞還不錯,比得上韓國台灣(不提香港和日本了)。 20年前,大家說,馬來西亞還可以,至少超越中國泰國(不能和台韓比了)。 10年前,大家說,馬來西亞再差,還不至於像越南印尼。 今日,越南印尼經濟成長率領先大馬,該醒一醒了。

Translated to:

50 years ago, everybody said, Malaysia is great, better than Hong Kong and Japan. 30 years ago, everybody said, Malaysia isn’t bad, comparing to Korea and Taiwan (didn’t mention about Hong Kong and Japan anymore). 20 years ago, everybody said, Malaysia is OK, at least better than China and Thailand (couldn’t even compare with Korea and Taiwan anymore). 10 years ago, everybody said, no matter how bad Malaysia is, still ahead of Vietnam and Indonesia. TODAY, economical growth in Vietnam and Indonesia is now ahead of Malaysia, it is time to wake up now.

We are a developing country, we have enjoyed the many good developments in the past 50 years. However, recently, things are starting to get very “dirty”. Even the election has become so dirty! The last time around, we didn’t even get to elect our own PM. That aside, there isn’t much developments and improvements for the past few years, except more and more controversies and dirty politics.

I am so frustrated with our public transportation after seeing other countries could do it so well. I am so frustrated with the price of the vehicles here after knowing other countries could buy our home brand cars at a lower price. I refuse to take public transport now because I am so pissed with it. Everyone is getting a car now, traffic jam is getting worse, all due to the lousy public transportation system. For the past few years, the price of everything is on the rise and yet our income remains stagnant. It is getting more and more difficult to even feed ourselves. The government gave us RM1000 more tax relieve, but they’re getting the same amount back from our daily lives. We are on a train backward, not forward. When we start calling for change, all the dirty tricks start rolling into play. Sigh……

With the internet is easily available now, thanks to the technology too, information is readily available to anyone who wants to know more. In the past, all we had was newspapers and local news on TV, the mainstream medias. Now, we have so many alternatives. We read, we be our own judge. No one can tell us who’s lying except our own selves. Whether we are right or wrong, no one can tell us anymore. I think, all of us are capable of judging what is right and good for ourselves. People are waking up……

Someone said by voting is not enough, we have to let the people around us aware of what is going on. I have tried, and I have failed too. There are still many among us who do not see what we see, who do not feel how we feel. Why? I do not know, I do not want to make any comment about them anymore, they get very defensive whenever I said they can’t SEE clearly. I respect their choices, after all, they are the ones who’s living their own choices. I can’t force them to see/do what I see/do. It’s all about free will.

Yesterday, this question suddenly rang in my head, what will happen if the ruling government falls? Chaos? Riots? Fights? 513 again? Andrew said, chaos maybe, but this will not be another 513 incident, as it will only involve the parties, not races. Chaos…… I hope after the chaos, if any, the good days will come.

Seriously and honestly, I love my country, I love Malaysia. I used to love my government too, but not anymore. I used to be contented with everything I was having or seeing, but not anymore. I used to be grateful of what the government did, but now I am only grateful that I live in a country with no natural disasters. I am no longer proud of my government. Why? I was brought up in a family believing the government has the best interest of people in its heart…… Since when I stopped believing it?! A country so beautiful without natural disasters, is being wasted.

It is a sad thing, to have to tell my friends and relatives, to go somewhere else where they can best use their talents and do not come back. It will be even worse, if I have to send my children to somewhere else and knowing that I can’t ask them to come back. Really, I am already feeling extremely sad whenever I think of that. One of the many reasons why I am not in a hurry to have a child, I know I can’t promise him/her a better future, YET.

After seeing so many photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube, I am feeling happy and sad, certain and confused at the same time.

Happy that it was indeed a peaceful rally, sad that there were minority who created chaos.

Happy that the authorities were less violent, sad that there were still some who showed the cruelty.

Certain that the change we want is realising soon, confused that if the opposition has some other agenda.

Certain that we made our stand very clear, confused that if the change would be good or bad.

If things turned out to be worse, there will be someone who would say “you have brought this upon yourselves”. How are we going to face and correct it then?

If things turned out to be better, will those who objected the change have a change of heart and mind?

The future is so uncertain. We can only hope for the best and do our best.

BERSIH for what, you asked me. BERSIH is our hope. Our hope for a better future for us and our children. Either they are going to blame us for not doing enough for them, or that we have done our best and made a mistake, or thank us.

It’s all your choice.

To those who went for the BERSIH 3.0 with good cause, my salute to you all.

Photo source from Curi-curi Wang Malaysia Facebook.

4 thoughts on “BERSIH For What?”

  1. Do you really believe that the chaos were created by the group who went there for the clean reason? I have doubts. After all Malaysia is a ‘dirty’ country!

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