Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Gift For HIM

I am a gift person, I like receiving gifts, and I like to gift too. Be it small or big, cheap or expensive, or doesn’t need money at all, I love gifts. When I give you something, a piece of chocolate or sweet, you should know at least you have a place in my heart. :) Sometimes, I will gift for no reason. I see something cute, reminds me of you, I’ll buy it and give it to you. To me, I don’t need a reason to buy someone a gift.

Andrew, is the one that makes me headache when it comes to gifts/presents.

If it’s a female friend, I can always buy jewellery, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, cute little soft toys…… You name it. If it’s a male friend, there is always neck tie, cuff links, shirts, t-shirts, socks, watches, wallets…… Again, you name it. However, Andrew is no female friend, and certainly NOT my other normal male friend! Confession, I ran out of gift ideas for his birthday.

I will buy him wallet when it is time to change, it doesn’t have to wait until his birthday.

I always buy him clothes. I see t-shirt that is cute, I’ll buy. So, clothes is no longer a surprise.

I bought him shoes, but recently he has just bought himself some new shoes. So, shoe is out.

I’ve bought him nothing, but given him a surprise with those cute cupcakes. Am not going to do that again in near future.

I have bought him a very tiny birthday card with LOVE! Hahahahahaha……

I can’t afford to buy him new computer (I’ll buy for myself first lah! Hahaha!).

I can’t afford to buy a PS3 for him now.

I can’t afford to buy him a car! (Anyway, he has already got one.)

I have bought him a watch before…… Hmm… Perhaps a watch again? But that watch is still good, and I can’t decide what watch to buy.

Oh! Perhaps a bag! Hmm……

A neck tie? Have not really bought him a good one.

A pen? Aiyoo…… He will tell me he only uses Kilometrico!

A handphone? NO WAY! Too expensive and he’s happy with his HTC Evo now.

A Ferrari F1 car model? Nah…… He’s very fussy and particular over the brand and all.

A toy helicopter? Sheesh…… He only wants the good one and it is not CHEAP ok!

Chocolates? Ya right! I’ll be the one eating them at the end.

Flowers? Am I out of my mind?! He’s not a flower person!

There were times I didn’t buy him any birthday present because I really didn’t know what to buy for him anymore!

ARGH! Who says buying gifts for partner/spouse is easier??? Who? Who?



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