I Stand Corrected

Back in year 2010, the first time I heard the song “Eenie Meenie”, I fell in love with it. Wanted to know about the singers singing the song. I know Sean Kingston, but it was the other one that impressed me, Justin Bieber. I thought, “wow, this boy can really sing!”

The more I listened to his songs, the more he impressed me. Especially “U Smile”, what a soothing song. Indeed, a talented young boy.

Then, I kept seeing Justin’s face on the TV. His hair-style began to annoy me.

Then, I kept hearing him on the radio with the song “Baby”. For goodness sake, the constant chanting of “baby, baby, baby oh……” really got on my nerves big time. What the…… Whenever I heard the song on the radio, I would either switch frequency or turn it off. I know it was a HIT song, but what, 3 or 4 or even more times in a day??? Give me a break!

Then, I stopped liking him. Stopped listening to any of his songs and not taking any interests in him anymore. I admired his talents and voice, but I seriously do not enjoy that sort of pop music anymore. I told Andrew, “Justin Bieber is just another new kid on the block crying for attention, shall not go far”.

When I saw he has got his own movie last year, Never Say Never, I was very sceptical over it. Thinking, just another teen flick promoting his handsomeness and awesomeness. Don’t we already know he is good looking and awesome? Never had I thought to go to the cinema to watch it, or buy the DVD or even download it. Never would I want to watch it.

Astro was showing Never Say Never the other night, oh boy. I had nothing else to watch and was too lazy to switch channel, so I let the TV on. Was sitting on the sofa Facebook-ing on my iPad and watching the show half-heartedly. It started with some videos of Justin Bieber when he was much smaller, to be honest, you can’t say NO to cute little baby like him! The baby Justin caught my attention, he was playing guitar sometimes, or hitting a face of a stool with rhythm like hitting a drum, or singing, fooling around with family……

I was impressed 20 minutes after watching it. He IS freaking gifted with music talent!!! A small boy can do drums and guitar without proper lessons! If that is not gifted/genius, what is? I was so impressed that I kept gasping and saying “walau… my goodness… aiyoooo… fuyooohhh……” I told Andrew, Justin doesn’t just some handsome boy that can sing, he has got REAL talents!!! Hats off to him. I stand corrected – Justin Bieber is NOT just another new kid on the block crying for attention, he will go far! Or I hope he can go far. Such a talented person shouldn’t be wasted, I hope he can stay in the music industry for as long as possible.

Fame is not easy, especially fame that came suddenly. From the show, I actually felt heart ache seeing him having to travel so frequent, performing, without family beside him, far away from home. A 18-year-old boy has to go through all that alone, is hard. Boys being boys, in the movie you can see he is still very much the boy-next-door that likes to play.

Justin Bieber, is just a boy with a gift. Andrew said, “so he has really got talents, not some pretty boy who only sings well”.

I’ve changed my view on him after the show. Now I admire his talents even more. Hope he would not go astray under the guidance of Usher. May him be surrounded with good people, always.

P.S.: When I heard and saw Greyson Chance, I was like, “aiyooo…… not another handsome boy”. Well, he sings good, he plays piano very well…… Somehow, I just don’t like him. Hahahahaha…… Bieber is good, at least I like him the moment I heard and saw him. LOL! :P

P.P.S.: Heard Justin’s new song yesterday, he sounds so grown-up!!! Oh ya, he’s 18 now, a total grown-up if you asked me. He’s no longer that person who sang “Baby”, am actually glad that he is now a big boy. He looks so different now. :) Think I’ll buy his new album. :) Check out his new “Boyfriend”. :P Ooppsss…… We don’t get to watch it yet HERE. ARGH!

MTV First – Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

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