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The Avengers 2012

Aiyoyo!!! The long-awaited movie is finally here!!! I’ve been waiting for so long!!! FINALLY, but was busy with work and stuff, and everybody is like “fighting” to watch the movie “first”, the cinemas are always full! Last night, went to Festival City and saw that MBO cinema is now open. Andrew and I wanted to see if the cinema is good and we can come here in the future instead of going to TGV KLCC where parking is more expensive. Bought the 2D tickets at RM13 per person. 2D simply means it is high definition.

Went in the cinema, my gosh, so small!!!!!!!!!!! I have to emphasize, it is bloody small! The screen, is tiny!!!! *Bangs her head* The screen is so small compared with TGV or GSC, this is like a mini cinema!!! You can’t even call it a cineplex! The seat, oh dear, it is so straight, and the screen is so high above!!!! I have to lift my head so that my eye level matches the screen! Terrible, horrible, vegetable!  So tiring…… :( Both Andrew and I agreed, that we shall not come back. Hahahahaha……

Pardon my lousy drawings. :P Just to show you how it was.

Back to The Avengers. It was a great movie!!! Totally enjoyed it!!! Ironman is the hero of all heroes! He didn’t disappoint us. In fact, Ironman kind of like stole the show of everyone. I love the scene where Ironman fought with Thor. Human in a suit against a god! Real yet fantasy, so raw and rough. :D Also, love the new robot thingy on the roof top of Stark building that took off Ironman’s suit while he walked! Damn cool man!

Captain America still looked macho and charming and cool. He is not as genius as Tony Stark, but he certainly has more knowledge in fighting a war and strategies. Of all the superheroes (not including Natasha Romanoff and Hawkeye), he is the only one who fought in flesh and blood, with a shield. Really admired his courage and he could remain so collected even in the worst situation. Suddenly, I had this feeling that Captain America (or rather Chris Evans) has matured a whole lot, like an old veteran.

Oh boy, Thor is handsome. :D His voice…… My goodness, I nearly got “killed” because of his voice!!! I’ve seen the movie Thor, love this big guy with so much of sentiments and huge voice. :P However, to see some gods in The Avengers, felt surreal. All of the superheroes are pretty much human, to add in the gods kind of mixed up the reality and the fantasy. For a moment, I truly believed gods like Thor do exist. Hold on a second, Tony Stark said in the movie that Thor is a demigod. Is he a demigod? Or a god? I’m confused.

It’s funny that the hulk who always lost his conscious when he turned green, suddenly he became aware of who his partners are and who the enemies are. It’s funny when he punched Thor after some fight with the aliens and Thor got thrown away!!! LMAO!!! Also, how he lifted Loki and crashed him like a doll! LOL!!!

Not to forget Hawkeye and Natasha Romanoff. Never know that Scarlett Johansson can look so sexy while kicking a**es!!! Hahahaha. She really did well in the movie. Jeremy Renner is no stranger, have seen him here and there in other movies. He’s like the Legolas of LOTR in The Avengers! Minus the long blonde hair and handsome face. :P He’s got another movie coming up soon, The Bourne Legacy. Andrew is already jumping with joy wanting to watch it. Hahahaha. I find that Loki’s character was a bit  “forceful”. It’s like they allowed him to “live” just to create the back-bone of the story, gave the avengers the reason to gather together and fight.

Generally, The Avengers was a great movie! Fun and hilarious. Every hero has their own human history that makes them what they are now. I truly believed that heroes are made. The movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes long! However, you wouldn’t feel that it was long because you would be busy following everything! For such a long movie, usually there would be situations where I would wish them to go faster or cut it short. For The Avengers, I didn’t even realise I have been sitting there for more than 2 hours! That is the POWER of The Avengers, managed to make you stick to your seat willingly for as long as the movie went. :P

You just have to watch the movie. One of the best Marvel’s movies. :) I’m gonna watch second time. Tee-hee. :D


2 responses

  1. Before I could continue reading the whole paragraph..I oledi LOL! That picture! With that stick man face expression!! Hahaha….U went to ppl’s house punya TV room isit?? & the seats…could b using AA plane punya kut… =p

    May 4, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    • Ashley

      LOL! Really gao lat de lah the screen and seats arrangement. ISH!
      My drawings geng leh, got face expression some more de leh, don’t play play ah… hahahahahaha….

      May 4, 2012 at 2:45 PM

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