Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


We have the baby boomers, the Gen-X and now the Gen-Y.

Baby boomers had a hard time understanding and communicating with the Gen-X, they always called it the generation gap.

I, was born in the early 80’s, in between the Gen-X and Gen-Y. Of course, my parents are the baby boomers. Generation gap, always. What they expected of me, are totally different from what I want for myself. I have my own outlook on life, which they disagree. However, I am still their daughter, doing my best to be a filial daughter. No matter how different we think, I still respect them as my parents. After all, they have gone through so much, their life experiences are priceless.

Here comes the Gen-Y. Sigh…… We have no problem communicating with them, but the Gen-Y’s attitude is so different. If you say we Gen-X are spontaneous, wait till you hear the Gen-Y. If you think we Gen-X are rebellious, wait till you see the Gen-Y. If you feel we Gen-X are job-hopper, wait till you catch the Gen-Y.

The Gen-Y’s parents could still be the baby boomers, but why there’s such a huge difference in attitude? I don’t know, I have no idea.

I am not criticising all of the Gen-Y, there are the exceptional ones. Some of them with great attitude and they achieved big even at a young age. I admit, I’ve seen a few really talented ones and they’re already a manager before age 30. However, majority of the Gen-Y that I met, often with an attitude that I can’t bring myself to agree to.

Some of them speak like they know everything under the sun (due to the glory age of internet), but when it comes to real practising time, they fail miserably.

Some of them are really capable at work, but when it comes to interpersonal skills, they’re scoring zero.

Some of them have big dreams and wanting to reach for the sky, but they are not interested in going through rank and file.

Some of them only want BIG money, by changing jobs more often they’re hoping that they could reach where they want.

They know they’re lack of experiences, but they’re so arrogant to admit that and some even refused to learn.

Out of 10 Gen-Y that I interviewed, there are probably one that is humble and wanting to learn. The rest would give me all the reasons under the sun why they should be hired, but they speak with such arrogance that you feel like pouring cold water onto their heads to wake them up.

Some of them, even after they made a mistake, they would just stare at you blinking their eyes, they never admit their mistake! They’re like telling you, “ya, I made a mistake, so?” Some, even had the cheeks to tell you, “it’s okay lah”! I nearly fainted when I heard that. Some of them are so stubborn.

I totally understand their different perspective and attitude, what I don’t understand is their BAD attitude at work. Don’t they know what is work ethic? You may not have the relevant working experience, but what happens to your basic work ethic?

I’m not saying that the Gen-X is great, there are also the bad apples. But generally, okay lah. Kakakakaka……

Gen-Y, if you’re reading this and you disagree, it’s ok. :) After all, we just want to make the workplace a better place to work in. We are all just, EMPLOYEES.


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