There it comes
There it goes

Am I writing
Am I stopping

Here you come
Here you go

Nothing you read
Nothing you see

Terrible it seems
Horrible it feels

There I write
There I stop

It comes and goes
Everything ends


~ Ashley

P.S.: I have written a few blog posts, all in half! This is what happens lately. When the inspirations come, I put them into words. Then I have to settle something at work. When I return to my screen maybe 1 hour later, I look at what I wrote earlier on, blink my eyes…… F***! I don’t know how to continue!!! Everything, every idea is gone! It’s like my brain has been sucked dry by some vacuum monster. Gone, all gone. This is terrible…… I have 4 blog posts that I written half way…… SIGH……

Every time I see this, I smile. :) – Photo by Andrew at Wat Saket, Bangkok.

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