Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Prometheus 2012

Whenever there’s something related to Greek mythology, I’d get attracted to it. The name, Prometheus, is the reason I watched the movie! When I saw the trailer, with that name, I told Andrew, “I must watch this!” LOL!!! :P

They named the spaceship “Prometheus” just because they wanted the ship to bring back what they believed would bring human another new phase of life. My goodness, “Prometheus” is a great name (with great story) and they used it for such a lame excuse???? I can’t bring myself to agree to that, but hey, it’s a movie, Ashley. I felt like I was conned by the movie’s title. *Cries* I thought with that kind of name, there should be a great reason behind it too. T__T

Anyway, the movie is, well, I won’t say that it’s great, it’s just some average sci-fi movie.  I enjoyed the visual effects and all that. Honestly, the movie makes you believe that those things are actually real and practical. I had a great time watching Charlize Theron too! Gosh, she is so beautiful and gorgeous! So, so, so beautiful that even I as a woman couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was surprised to see Michael Fassbender, didn’t realise it was him when I saw the trailer. Somehow, he looked old in the movie. Perhaps his character required him to look a tad old and thin. Still prefer his look in X-Men: First Class.

The story? Hmm…… Lengthy at times, sometimes boring, most of the times were expected, and there wasn’t much of humour. There are many parts which I seriously think the director thought we were some kind of fools. I have so many questions after watching the movie. Why the cylinder that David brought back to the ship doesn’t have the alien? How the hell did he know which one has the liquid?  What happened to those alien creatures later? Where did they go? Don’t they grow? What is that statue doing in there? Why did David want to kill Charlie? What was Vickers doing on the ship other than just giving orders? Her character served no purpose at all since David could well be doing everything.

Ok, ok, it’s just a movie, I probably think too much. Not a bad movie if you look at it from the sci-fi point and it is from Ridley Scott. However, it has a questionable story, could have been better. Did I enjoy the movie? Yes. If you’re into sci-fi and alien, this is your thing.

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