Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Snow White and the Huntsman

Didn’t intend to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, but MIB3 and Madagascar 3 were at a later time (we didn’t want to wait that long), Brave only has 3D and Andrew doesn’t like that, and both of us are not really interested in Abraham Lincoln. So, Snow White was the only one left and I would love to see Charlize Theron as the evil queen. :) RM14 for 2 tickets, cincai lah (anything goes).

Again, Charlize Theron is beautiful!!! She was such an evil queen but she looked so beautiful in the movie! So beautiful I think I breathed in a few times when her pretty face appeared up-close. Andrew who hardly compliments also agreed that she is beautiful! Hard to believe that Charlize Theron could look so evil with that pretty face.

As for Kristen Stewart, I’m sorry to say that I have no love for her. Blame it on Twilight. I’ve seen the first movie of Twilight and that’s it, I hate it. Hate the fact that she was like reciting from the script with her lousy acting, Robert Pattinson was no better either. I don’t think that they’re handsome and pretty as what others have been saying. Give me a break. I really wonder why they picked Kristen Stewart to be Snow White. Sigh…… Her acting in Snow White is not getting any better too. I couldn’t feel her “passion” when she was giving a supposedly passionate and encouraging speech, her role as Snow White has not moved me at all. I couldn’t believe that I felt nothing for Snow White! SIGH…… Side track a little: Andrew told me Kristen Stewart is the highest paid Hollywood actress now. I was like, what the…… Just because of Twilight?????!!!!! Ish……

Was surprised when I saw Chris Hemsworth, didn’t know that he was the huntsman! The movie poster definitely doesn’t do him any justice. Anyway, still prefer his look as Thor. :D Don’t forget Sam Claflin! I was having that deja vu thing in the cinema, find him looking familiar. Then, was watching Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for the second time on TV, and I went “THAT’S HIM!” Sam Claflin, William in Snow White is also the pirate who fell in love with the mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean! Hmm…… I must admit he looked better in Snow White, what a candy to the eye. :P

If the movie didn’t have Charlize Theron as the queen, I would say it’s a bad movie. Charlize Theron somehow lightened up the whole movie with her evil role. Also, the dwarves were so real! Spotted another Pirates of the Caribbean’s cast in Snow White, Black Beard is Beith the dwarf! The story, Snow White, supposed to have some romance element, but I seriously didn’t feel it. Kristen Stewart just couldn’t get the message across, she looked so “life-less” in her expressions. Sigh……

You gotta watch this movie to admire Charlize Theron’s beauty and her evilness. Hats off to her acting too. If you don’t like Charlize Theron, you can forget about watching this movie. Other than Queen Ravenna, the rest of them are so forgettable.


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