Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Random #15 – Sweet

Sometimes, Andrew would just say things that caught me off-guards and I would either laugh my heart out or melt.

Was craving for ice-cream, posted a photo (of Gelatomio, one of my favorite gelato) on my Facebook asking him if we could go to Pavilion tonight for some gelato. He WhatsApp me:

Andrew: Papa is coming, tomorrow ok ah?
Me: Tomorrow and Friday I’ll be very busy, don’t know what time I can go off.
Andrew: Me too, need to relief my colleague.
Me: Then my ice-cream “no hope” liao. Your friend still said if I say “please” 3 times and you will buy me the whole shop……
Andrew: If I got money, I will buy you the whole world.
Me: …… *Stunned*

That was really sweet of him to have thought of that. Although it sounds ridiculous, I smiled. How many men on this earth would want to buy me the whole world? I guess the richest man in this world wouldn’t even think of doing that, for he doesn’t have eyes on me. :)

Ice-cream or not today, it doesn’t matter, he’s made my day. :)

One of my favorites, Gelatomio at Pavilion KL. Flavours seen here, double chocolate, pecan butterscotch and black sesame.


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