Getaway. Get Away.

Not to the moon
But to the sea

Not in the tub
But under the sun

Not in water
But in sweat

Not on the street
But on the sand

Sun. Sea. Sand. Sweat.

Where else can you get the 4 S’s?

The beach.

~ Ashley

I’m going to the beach! Yes! This time, my resolution will be, to get myself a good tan!!! Okay, you must be thinking that I’m crazy. Why would someone want to trade her the-fairest-of-them-all skin with a tan?! Hahahahahaha…… I don’t really like my fair skin, especially my legs!!! They’re so fair and I think they look like chicken feet. –____– Of course I wouldn’t get myself toasted! Just a good honey-looking tan will do. :D

Won’t be blogging for the coming few days, heard that internet access is very limited there. See you all in a bit. XOXO.

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