Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Dark Knight Rises

A much anticipated movie, the last Batman from Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, with Anne Hathaway as the cat woman, then the Aurora shooting…… A bad note for the movie……

The Batman in Christopher Nolan’s eyes is a dark one. Of all the batman series, I somehow enjoyed the one created by Nolan and portrayed by Christian Bale. Batman seems to be so human and vulnerable, just like any one of us, and any one of us can be the Batman if we stand up to fight.

The Dark Knight Rises, 4 years after The Dark Knight, such a long wait. It is worth the wait though, an amazing movie. The movie was long, 2 hours and 45 minutes! However, never did Andrew and I feel the time passing. We were so engrossed in the conversations and everything in the movie. It’s rare to see such a lengthy movie without feeling bored at some point of time. It was a really great movie, a great end to the series. I would say the most flesh and blood Batman of thus far. Even though Gotham city is not real, Nolan somehow managed to make it more real life and I can relate to it easier. The previous Batman from other directors, always gave me the feelings that “I’m watching a show”. However, The Dark Knight Rises made me believed that everything in there could happen in our life. Hats off to Nolan.

Anne Hathaway looks so beautiful in the movie! She fits perfectly fine as a Cat woman! I think after Michelle Pfeiffer, she’s the next one that really fits the character so well. Whenever she appeared, my attention would be on her. She’s so attractive.

I nearly dropped my jaw when I know it was Tom Hardy who played Bane in the movie! The not-so-tall, good looking, hot bod Tom Hardy???? My goodness! Bane was so BIG in the movie! He was like double the size of Tom Hardy, how could it possibly be him???? And yes, it is him. No wonder I find the voice so familiar. Seriously, I really wonder how they did it…… One moment they’re so fit and slim, the next they’re so BIG and fat……

Love the twist of the story at the end, who would have thought…… At the end, Bane has my sympathy.

Two thumbs up for The Dark Knight Rises. Hopefully, we will be seeing Robin soon. :)


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