Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Expendables 2 – ALL (OLD) Stars

2 years ago, I regretted of watching The Expendables. I was so disappointed with it.

2 years later, now, I enjoyed watching The Expendables 2!!! It was great! More kick-a** scenes this time around, and more humours. All of a sudden, it has become such an entertaining movie! I was surprised that I enjoyed it! I went it the cinema with a sceptical mind, I came out with a big smile and was talking non-stop about the movie. :D Well, I must say it is because of the director. The Expendables was directed by Sylvester Stallone, whilst The Expendables 2 was directed by Simon West! The director of Con Air! Now, you know why the different of standard between The Expendables 1 and 2? :P

I must say, Arnold Schwarzenegger stole the lime light whenever he appeared on the screen. How can we all forget Mr. Terminator’s all-time-famous line? “I’ll be back”! Andrew and I were laughing hysterically when he first popped his head out of the truck and said, “I’m BACK!” That was totally classic!

I’m glad to see that finally Jason Statham is kicking some a**es seriously!!! Oh boy, he looks more charming than he did in Expendables 1. Dolph Lundgren on the other hand, didn’t leave much impression. He was more like a muscle-man without a brain in the movie. Sigh…… Can’t believe he’s in his 50’s too. Still remember his best-known character in Universal Soldier, which I’ve watched countless of times because my dad loves that film. He was one of the most sough-after action movie stars back then!

There’s one more hot bod from the Universal Soldier, Jean-Claude Van Damme! How can we ever miss him out from the action heroes list?! (Thanks to my dad, that I get to know all these great action movie stars and movies.) When Van Damme appeared, Andrew was surprised and whispered, “VAN DAMME!” Hahahahaha…… A “loud” whisper. Both of us didn’t expect to see him in this movie! We didn’t catch even a glimpse of the trailer before, so we were surprised. Chuck Norris surprised us even further! Are you kidding me?! CHUCK NORRIS!!!

I still love Bruce Willis the most. :D No doubt he’s old, but he is still looking good and charming! Love his “botak head”! Hehehe…… He is one of the examples of the-older-they-get-the-better-they-look! I was laughing so loud when he replied to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, “you’ve been back enough! NOW I’ll be back!” LMAO!!!

The movie, was totally entertaining. With lots of humours and classic lines from all those classic action movies…… Unforgettable. Andrew said, this is like “The Avengers”, only that they’re real human and older. :)

You definitely don’t want to miss this “reunion” if you’re a huge fan of all those action movie stars. However, don’t expect a good story or anything from it. Honestly, the story sucks. I still enjoyed it, simply because of all the great actions and actors! I’ll still give it a 2-thumbs up. :)

There’s a young man in the movie which I find rather familiar, the voice, the face…… He looks like someone…… Or I’ve seen him in some other movie before…… Google-d it when I was home, ahhhhhh…… No wonder I feel the familiarities…… Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth’s brother!!! But, he also looks a tad bit like Hayden Christensen.


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