The New Korean HIT

Okay, almost everyone is talking about this new Korean song, including Andrew and myself. I’m jumping on the band-wagon too, but I ain’t gonna use it to boost my blog reads. I’m not going to mention the name. If you’re reading the news, listening to the radio or active in the social network, you will be able to know what it is. :)

Do you know that Gangnam is actually a district in Korea? Now, go check it out, and all the mystery will be solved. :)

Andrew, was the one that introduced the song and video to me, last week. He said he saw it on Gizmodo (he’s a loyal reader of Gizmodo) and thought it was silly. The first moment I saw the video and heard the song, I was like, “what the…… So annoying! Please get it out of my face”. I didn’t even finish watching the video. A moment later, this Andrew came and told me that he found another version of the video, it’s the same song and same guy, but there’s a girl. This time, I finished the whole video and thought, “the dance is fun…… the song is somewhat catchy”.

Then, I watched the video for the third time, then again, and again, and again…… DAMN! It isn’t bad at all! I even told Andrew I want to learn THAT dance routine! LOL!!! Now the song keeps playing in my head. :)

This is crazy. But ain’t it cool to be part of the world’s craziness? :D

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