What Did You Say?

Have you ever come across with someone telling you that they detest something but then later you found out that they’re doing the exact same thing that they said they detest?

Or, your friend told you that she wouldn’t do a particular thing but she is doing it later?

Or, someone told you that she is not good with something but later you realised she is doing what she told you she’s not good with and is happy doing it again and again?

Or, she obviously doesn’t like what you’re doing but secretly she is doing what you’re doing?

Or, she went on telling other friends that she isn’t like you, but again, she wants to be like you?

You must be asking, isn’t it tiring to have to remember what I have said? Well, we are human, it is all right to forget what we said sometimes.

My dear, yes, it is all right to forget sometimes, but don’t FORGET, those people you said those things to, they REMEMBER. You did it once, they may think you’re probably forgetful. You did it again, they would start to think “not again?” You did it the third time, they would start questioning your credibility. You continue with it, they now know what you said hold no value at all. Then, they stop paying attention to what you say. Then, they stop communicating with you.

Oh, and you say, “who cares”. Right, who cares huh. There will come a day no one cares a single word you say.

I’m not a saint, I too am forgetful. Which is why, I never say never. When I say never, I make sure I uphold my “never” to the day I die.

When I say I’ll never make my blog a movie review blog, take my word, it’s not going to happen.

When I say I hate copycats, I bloody make sure I don’t become one.

When I say I don’t like to do what you do, I will never do what you do.

When I say I dislike you, you can be bloody sure that I am not going to like you, or wanting to be like you, for ever.

For things that I never say, never assume it for me.

Now, you mark my words.

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