Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

I Want A Child

For the earlier question that I wrote, I hope I get some of you thinking seriously. I did.

Some of us may have beautiful reasons for wanting a child.

Some of us, may be trying so hard to have a child, for the sake of trying.

Perhaps some, want a child just because others are having.

Or because of the pressure from the parents.

I never said that I do not want a child. That makes me one of the many women out there, I want a child, too.

Why do I want a child then?

Seriously and honestly, I do not know.

I will be delighted to have one.

In fact, I’ve been talking to Andrew about how we are going to bring up our child, what we can do to make him/her a better person……

However, when it comes to the reason, I am not sure.

The pressure?

The cuteness of a baby?

The mother instinct?

I have not a clue.

I have also been telling Andrew, that I only want one child.

I am a selfish person, and also a committed person. I do not wish to divide my love.

I love one person whole-heartedly, and I only want to love my child whole-heartedly.

Again, why do I want a child?

Hope I can figure that out someday soon.

Or you may tell me, you don’t need a reason to want something. :)


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