Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

A Hug

Do you know that the way you hug can tell a lot about you? And how you feel towards the person that you’re hugging? And do you know you hug differently under different situations and seeing different people?

I love being hugged, so it is only natural that I like to hug people too.

I have different ways of hugging different people under different circumstances. Sound funny huh? :)

When I hug someone I care about, I hug with my “heart” too. I hug them close and tight, wrap my arms around and hold them for a little longer. I enjoy every second of it.

When I hug someone who needs comfort, I hug tightly and give a little pat on his/her back.

When I hug a friend whom I have not seen for ages, I hug them close and rub their back briefly.

When I hug Andrew, I hug him real tight and I won’t let him go until I feel enough.

When I hug someone that I don’t feel comfortable in hugging, I’ll only put my hands on the side of their back and “hug” them with my shoulders. :P

I didn’t grow up in a family who used to hug each other, in fact, we had never done that. It is only until recent years that I feel the need and urge to hug them. I remember the first time I ran and gave my sister a tight squeeze, she was shocked but touched, she got teary. The first time I hugged my mom, my dad saw and was laughing at us. Ever since then, hugging is no longer a stranger at home.

A hug, can be so therapeutic.

A hug, can worth more than a thousand words.

A hug, is all we need, sometimes.

Why are we so stingy in hugging then? Let’s go hug someone now. :)


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