Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The TV. My Lullaby.

Good that I can still find time to blog! Not really creative writing, just my life and habits and stuff like that.

When I was still staying in the rented place, I had a TV in the room. Every time I got home, the first thing I would do was to switch the TV on (I still do that now). I’d watch whatever that was on. When I went to take my shower, I would leave the TV on, not that i could still watch it. :p Very often I would come back seeing it off, Andrew turned it off, I would give him some cold stares and told him to switch it back on.

Most of the time, I would doze off half way watching the TV and Andrew would switch it off. Here’s the “magic” moment, I would wake up the second the TV went off! Hahahahaha. I would give Andrew the stare again and he would just shoo me to “go back to sleep”.

I have this special “thing” with the TV. Whenever I’m in the house, I would leave the TV on although I’m not watching it. I don’t like a quiet house. When I cook, or shower, or ironing, or doing my laundry, the TV would be on. Whenever Andrew switches it off thinking I’m not watching, I would ask him to switch it back on.

I love to sleep with the TV on. :)

It’s funny and weird, every time Andrew thinks I’m in my deep sleep and switches the TV off, I will wake up. Most of the times I’ll wake up the moment the sound is gone. Andrew can’t do anything about it. :p He’s just puzzled why I have this weird habit.

I too am wondering since when this weird habit started and why. I don’t like noises when I sleep, but why can I sleep with the TV on? Why would I wake up the moment it is off?

Of course, I don’t leave the TV on when I sleep at night, luckily.

My TV, is my lullaby. :)





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