Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Recently, a friend blogged about hoarding. That, made me thought about how I used to keep/hoard things and how I’ve finally ditched those stuff for good.

I came from a big family, used to live with my grandmother, my uncle and his family for 18 years of my life. There were 13 of us in an approximately 1800 square feet, one and a half storey terrace house. I shared room with my other 3 sisters, yes, 4 of us in a less than 400 square feet room. When the space is limited, you get creative of how to keep your things. We would keep our things under the bed, in boxes, or on top of the cupboard and cabinet. Any corner that was unoccupied, whoever saw it first claimed it. LOL! Very often we would quarrel over the limited space, we would yell at each other to clear off the unwanted stuff and make room for new things. We had 2 rows of clothing hooks behind the door for our clothes. :P

You must be thinking, with a childhood like that, I would not be a hoarder when I grew up.

I was a hoarder.

I used to buy magazines, and kept every single one of them.

I used to keep little boxes from anything and everything, including shoe boxes.

I kept empty bottles too, from the skincare or cosmetics products I used.

I kept toiletries from hotels/resorts I’ve been to.

I kept pretty brand tags from the clothes I bought.

I too, used to keep paper bags. Pretty one, good quality one, rare one, special one……

You see, I was only renting a room, how did I manage to keep all those stuff? Like I said, you will get creative when you have limited space. :)

Over the years, I came to realise that I can’t possibly be keeping those stuff to the day I die. Then, whenever I did spring cleaning, I’d sort and throw most of the stuff.

I don’t buy magazines since few years ago, I ask sale assistant to take the products out of their boxes when I buy skincare or shoes, I give empty bottles to recycle organisation, I used the toiletries in the hotels/resorts and won’t bring them home, I still keep brand tags only if it is hard enough to be used as bookmarks, I don’t keep paper bags and won’t ask for one when I shop, I hardly buy decorative souvenirs too when I travel……

The last time I moved house, which was last year, moving to my own house, I threw away a lot of things. My house now is very much free from clutter.

When we travel, we always thought we must buy one or two souvenirs back home as memorabilia and for decorative purpose. However, very often those things would end up lying in the boxes and never have the chance to see the daylight again. I don’t do that now, I don’t buy souvenirs when I travel, not even for my friends. I would only buy them useful stuff that you can only get in those places that you visit. If I don’t find any of those, I don’t buy anything. How many stuff can you display in your house? You can’t be building racks and shelves just to display them, the time needed to take care and clean them later would be insane.

Still, there is one thing I find it difficult to throw or give away, my clothes! Hahahahahahaha. Surprisingly, I have clothes that I can still wear even after 6 or 7 years. They don’t go out of trend, because they’re all-seasons clothes. I can still fit in them, because I was skinny and even when I put on weight now, they fit snugly but not tightly. Clothes that I can’t or don’t wear anymore, I’ll give it to Andrew’s cousins first and his Aunt would then help me to donate those her children can’t fit to the charity. Now, this is why it is important to buy quality clothes.

Am I still a hoarder? I must say yes.

I still keep books, clothes, soft toys and mugs! Yes, I love mugs/cups. I love to use different type of cups for different purposes, occasions and moods. :)

So, are you a hoarder too?


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