Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

It’s Mango Again

Went out with my girl friends yesterday. Had a great catch-up session with everyone. We were like 4 chatterboxes, happy chatting and laughing away. These are the friends that we need, take away your sorrows and problems, make you feel great again.

We went shopping, I was looking for this particular knit dress from Mango (they’ve changed it to Mango instead of MNG), didn’t have my size in Pavilion, finally found it in Mid Valley. Then I saw another two-toned knit dress. It didn’t appeal to me at first, but I thought no harm trying. Surprisingly it looks nice! Gotta grab it.


RM99 each, hope they live up to my expectation.

It’s pretty difficult to find a good dress in Mango now. I often find that they are overpriced. Even for a good quality piece, I’d be very reluctant to pay for the price. Zara’s dresses on the other hands, have more consistency in the quality and price.

Furthermore, I have colleagues who have been shopping in Mango too, I don’t want to end up one day looking like their twins! :P


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