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Skyfall for Daniel Craig

:D I love Daniel Craig for a reason…… His eyes. I think he could just hypnotise me by asking me to look into his eyes for 5 seconds. Hahahahaha. Look at his blue eyes, you’ll understand. He has got this charm too that you just can’t take your eyes off him in a movie.

So, how can I miss Skyfall then? I’ve been bugging Andrew since the day it came to the cinema, busy with work and stuff, I told him I MUST watch this by hook or by crook. Hahaha.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they’re very disappointed with the movie. I’m surprised. The movie, to me, turned out to be great. This time, it required more concentration from the audiences than the previous 2 movies. However, I don’t think it’s that bad to the extent that it’s boring or dull.

Action scenes were here and there, not too intense but sufficient for a James Bond movie. It was more like “getting smart” with the villains than the merely physical fighting and battling through. As all of us know it, all the previous James Bond movies relied on a lot of gadgets. However in Skyfall, you wouldn’t see many of those gadgets flying all over the place. Just a few of them are impressive enough to make you go “WOW”. Most importantly, this time you’d get to see a more brainy James Bond. :)

James Bond’s background has always been a mystery, but finally we get to see it in Skyfall. So, James Bond is just another troubled kid like most of us. Hahahahaha……

The movie has a different twist at the end. Never would I expect that Skyfall was actually a place. Before I went to the movie, I thought it could be about some terrorist attack using some kind of airborne weapon, hence the name of “skyfall”. Little did I know I was so wrong. :P I find that it was a bit lame though to use the name of a place for a movie title. It does sound nice and mysterious, but lame.

Another twist is I never expected M to die! Oh dear…… The graceful and yet fierceful M died! T__T That is tragic. However, am glad to see Ralph Fiennes as the new M. :D He looks so old now, I was smitten by his charm too once upon a time. Hahahaha.

Andrew and I love the movie. We love the fact that the James Bond played by Daniel Craig, is more human compared to all those previous James Bond. This James Bond, is scarred. As always, we believe hero is made, rather than born.

If you’re a James Bond’s fan, you shall not miss this. Whether it’s good or not, you’ll not want to miss this. If you’re not, you’ll find this boring. If you’re looking for excitement and action like The Expendables 2 and Bourne Legacy, you shall not waste your money on Skyfall.

P.S.: In the cinema, I was sitting beside this group of young people. When the scene showed MI6 Headquarters with the subtitle “HQ – MI6”, the “boy” (early twenties perhaps) next to me said this loudly to his friend, “M-Sixteen!!!” I nearly lost control and burst out laughing!!!!!!!!!! I was covering my mouth and laughing on Andrew’s shoulder!!! M-16 for goodness sake!!!! Clearly, he isn’t a fan of James Bond. Or perhaps, he doesn’t even know about James Bond. No one would ever think it was referring to M16 although the alphabets do look like it. I still couldn’t get over it, I laugh whenever I think of it. M-Sixteen!!!! Good one BOY!

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