Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

When Exercise Creates Stress Rather Than Releases Stress

More and more people are more health conscious these days. You can see more people are hitting the gym for workout. However, people do it for various reasons.

I’ve heard a lot about work-life balance. Some told me exercise helps them to release stress and makes them feel happy. Some claimed that they want to have a work-life balance, so they incorporate exercise into their life. I’ve heard the vain ones telling me they simply want to look good. There’s nothing wrong with their reasons. After all, it all leads to the same thing, a healthy lifestyle.

However, when you are rushing to go to the gym for fear of missing that 5pm class, or you have an emergency and you hate that you have to compromise your workout today, or you are stressed about you can’t finish your work on time to hit the gym later, or you need to make adjustments for your family and you have to sacrifice your exercise routine for few days, or your partner is complaining you are spending too much time in the gym instead of home, or you actually bring inconvenience to people around you just so you can do your workout today, or you say your family comes first but you feel unhappy when you can’t exercise because of your family…… All of these, are causing you more stress. So, does exercise really help you to release stress? Or it actually creates stress without you knowing it?

You’ve been thinking you’re all stressed out because of work and family. You think it is just so difficult to have a balanced healthy lifestyle. You feel that your family is not being supportive enough, all they want is for you to sacrifice for them. You just want that little time for yourself, to have a healthier life, why can’t they understand? You say your work occupying too much of your time, all you want is to have that little time-out to release your stress. You want your friends to make adjustments and compromise to your exercise routine, when they don’t, you think that they don’t understand. You’ve been talking about how good exercising can be, and that is all you can talk about. You have been telling others you feel happier after a work-out, but your family doesn’t understand.

I am not telling you that exercise is bad for your family, but you just need to know how to balance your life. We are all adults, some of us are extremely good at juggling few balls at one time, some of us just suck at it. You have to find that point – how many balls can you juggle.

I am married, with no kids. People are telling me how nice that I have all the freedom to do my own stuff. I agree, and disagree. With a child in your life, you have lesser time for yourself. However, it doesn’t mean that without any kid, I can do everything freely at my own leisure. Don’t forget, I have a husband, and I have my in-laws and my parents.

As much as I want to exercise everyday, I know my limits, physically and emotionally.

When my body feels tired, I don’t stress myself further by working my a** off in the gym. All I want is to go home, cuddle up with Andrew on the sofa watching TV together.

When I have work that I can’t finish on time, I don’t stress myself by feeling anxious of not able to exercise today. I can just exercise half an hour more tomorrow.

When I feel lazy, I simply let myself being lazy. No worries, I can exercise longer and harder tomorrow.

When I have a date, either I wake up earlier for exercise or I don’t. I don’t ask my friends or Andrew to accommodate to my exercise routine.

When Andrew asks me to spend some time with him, I’ll do just that and not feeling unhappy for not being able to exercise.

When I feel like it, I can workout everyday without having to fear that if Andrew approves. I know he is supportive, but I do not take it for granted.

I don’t stress myself out by paying and joining some gym for classes. I go to the club gym in where I live whenever I feel like to, I exercise on my own leisure and time. I don’t believe in “you must exercise in a class with the instructor”. So, I don’t have to rush for the gym.

See, balance lifestyle, isn’t about how much you can do.

It’s about how you do it and how it makes you feel.

If doing one thing disrupts your time for other things, perhaps it is time for you to re-look at your priorities.

So what if you can take care of your family very well, exercise, read books, have a fantastic career and keeping in touch with your friends but at the end, you are feeling so stressed out than ever?

That, is a busy lifestyle, not BALANCED.

When exercise is stressing you out, you think you are still healthy?

You can read more on “How to live a balanced lifestyle” here.


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