Excellent Customer Service: Victoria’s Secret

I started buying from Victoria’s Secret online since 2 years ago. I was so on the cloud nine when I know they ship to Malaysia. :D Earlier this year, when I saw a Victoria’s Secret outlet in Pavilion KL, I was so delighted! However, I got so disappointed when I stepped in. They only sell bags, make-up, accessories, perfumes, body care and some panties!!! No swimwear, no lingerie, no sleepwear! My goodness…… What Victoria’s Secret outlet is that if it doesn’t sell lingerie?????? I can’t believe it!

So, go back to buying online then. :|

All the while, I always received my items weeks earlier than the expected arrival date. Was so happy with their efficiency and service.

This time, I did not receive the package 3 weeks later. Then I remember, perhaps the Sandy storm got everything delayed. So I waited for another 2 weeks. I still did not receive my package by the expected arrival date. :(

Wrote an email to VS’s customer service, got a reply within a day! Best of all, they offered a refund or a replacement order! No questions asked! Such a reliable merchant is really rare these days.

That was really nice of them to trust their customers completely. Who knows, some people may just lie that they did not receive the package just to get a second order at no cost at all, or a refund!

In my case, I genuinely did not receive my package ok. :)

Now, the replacement order is on its way. Hope I would be able to receive it this time. (Really love the bra top camisole that I bought last year, and I bought another 3 this time.) Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Bra top cami with shelf bra. So, so, so comfortable! After discount, US$9.50/piece.

Beach Sexy bikini set. US$20.71 after discount.

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