Playing The Game Of Ignoring

I must admit, I am extremely good at ignoring someone when I choose to do that.

When I decide to stop talking to one person, he/she will get the silent treatment from me.

I will ignore that person completely even in a group. If he is talking, I’ll not respond to anything he said. I will not even look at him. He will be invisible to me. When I talk, I will not even look at him and if he responds to anything I say, I will never reply. If he asks a question, I will pretend that I have not heard it.

I have done that before, but not many have seen it. For me to completely ignore someone, he/she must have had done something that pissed me off BIG time.

Another situation is, I can ignore stares from others. My peripheral vision is pretty strong. I will know if someone at the same table is actually staring or looking at me, or if someone is exchanging glances with another person and they thought I did not know. I can ignore all that and make as though that I do not know.

You must be wondering, why the hell that this Ashley loves to ignore people. Hahahaha.

Well, there will be times  that you will just have to do that to help yourself feel better.

There’s a saying, ignorance is a bliss. It is true sometimes.

P.S.: My peripheral vision is good, but I have this problem of spotting someone I know in a crowd or on the street or in a shopping mall. There were many occasions that my friend would come up to me and call my name and I would be so surprised to see them, and they would say, “what is wrong with you? I was just right in front of you and you couldn’t see me?!” Hahahaha. Sorry, that I really didn’t mean it, I wasn’t ignoring you. :P So please, if you see me in a shopping mall and I did not see you, do know that I wasn’t ignoring you. :P


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