Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Have you changed?

There is no such things as friends forever.

People can change. We, change.

Our lifestyles change as our priorities change.

Our priorities change as our experiences change.

Our life experiences change as our journeys change.

Our journeys change as our perspectives change.

Our perspectives change as we age.

We are constantly changing. Growing, perhaps.

We can’t expect someone to stay the same forever. For better or worse, we change.

We can’t blame the other person for changing, we ourselves change too.

So, why does it upset you so much when you found out that your friend has changed?

Perhaps, he or she is saying the same about you.

One of the friends said this to me recently, “we are now like having nothing to talk about…… It’s sad.”

I did not say anything, I left it at that.

I don’t blame her for feeling that way. Our lifestyles are different now, our circle of friends is also different, even our outlook on life is different.

We used to be very close, but that was a long time ago. We used to think that we would be best friends forever, but all that has changed now.

I have changed. For her, I may have changed for the worse.

What do we talk about now? Nothing much. Just hi, how are you, and followed by the awkward silence.

No doubt, it is sad. However, I can’t do anything.

I stop trying hard to get someone to jump onto the same bandwagon I am riding. What’s the point if the other person doesn’t appreciate the same view like I do? Plus, we are not heading to the same destination.

When you feel your friend is not as close to you as before, don’t be mad or sad. Be grateful that he or she was part of your life.

We all change. Have you?


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