Johor Premium Outlet

During the long Chinese New Year holiday, Andrew and I decided to make a trip to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). As a Johorian myself, how can I not visit it.

It’s located in Senai, took us one and a half hour from Batu Pahat.

The moment I saw it, I was shocked. It looks so similar to the Paju Premium Outlet in South Korea! Even the color tone of the buildings looks the same. The layout and design are almost identical! I wonder, if the developer/owner is the same person.

Went with my eldest sister and her youngest son. Both of us were busy checking out the prices, while Andrew and my nephew were busy checking out the places and fooling around. My nephew kept asking us if we were done. This is what you get when you have a young boy tagging along in a shopping trip. However, he is sweet enough to just tag along and not whining. In between we would just buy him drinks, snacks, play around…… He is so easy to please. :)

Price wise, sorry to say that I did not find the prices attractive enough. They’re more expensive than Paju Premium Outlet. Of course, you may say that Paju is in South Korea, but I wouldn’t spend RM200 for a Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirt here in Malaysia where I know I can get it for RM130 in Paju. 3 pairs of Nike socks cost RM49, where I only got them for RM24 in Paju and of better quality.

Coach ain’t a lot cheaper than the retail store too. A wallet still cost RM350-RM500, a non-leather shoulder bag/tote still needs RM1500-RM2000. Imagine I got a shoulder/sling bag in Hong Kong for RM850.

Despite that I was disappointed, we spent 6 hours there! We had our lunch and dinner in the one and only food court there, with limited varieties. Sigh.

Actually, I still enjoyed the trip, all because I get to spend time with my sister and nephew. It’s been a while since I last travelled with her, the last time was 2 years ago when I went to Melaka to visit her. We had fun doing all the silly stuff. Travelling with your own sister definitely makes you feel young and naughty again. :)


I managed to grab 2 bikinis from Roxy, RM99.90 per set, to my surprise, buy one free one! That is the only bargain that is worth buying. I was so over the cloud nine. If you know the prices of Roxy bikinis, you would go crazy over this bargain.


Also gotten a collar tee from Nike, RM79.


Now, here’s my nephew. He’s such an adorable heartthrob! He did all the posing without us telling him what to do. He just knows how to pose! I couldn’t help but smile when I see these photos again. :)

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