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The Home That The Heart Desires

Yesterday, at 4.46pm, my heart literally stopped for 2 seconds when I saw my father’s number on my handphone screen.

My family doesn’t always call me at this kind of “odd” hours, mom will usually call me at night and dad will usually call me in the morning. My sisters will usually call me in the evening. I have had calls from them at unusual hours and it often turned out to be bad news.

All sorts of bad stuff crossed my mind, it must have been urgent or bad for dad to call me at 4.46pm, unusual! I braced myself to answer the call, and I heard mom’s voice. Geez! I got even more worried. Why couldn’t dad call me from his phone and mom had to do that for him?!

“Hello… It’s your father……” My goodness…… What happened to him?!

“Nothing lah…… Just that he can’t walk or sit since few days ago……” Oh dear, by this time I already felt like crying. Although mom tried to make it sound like it ain’t serious, but she was torturing me with her story-telling.

I’m gonna save you from my mom’s story-telling, so you’re not going to read all the dramas here. :)

My father suffered a severe lower back pain few days ago that he couldn’t sit and walk. Went to acupuncture and a few other doctors and things didn’t get better. So my sister sent him to a specialist and the doctor did an MRI scan, found that his inter-vertebral disc in his lower back has hardened due to old age and bone spurs that suppressed on his nerves. Doctor later found out from my dad that the severe back pain was mainly caused by his incorrect sitting posture while he was on his massage chair!

Dad bought this massage chair before Chinese new year and he has been having a hell of a good time on that chair ever since. Almost everyday he would sit on that chair reading newspaper, with one leg rested on another. Doctor said that his posture caused the lower back to sustain more pressure and slowly caused his degenerated inter-vertebral disc and bone spurs to act up. -__- The doctor suggested him to go through some physiotherapy to ease the condition.

So, massage chair isn’t really all that good huh.

Feel so sad that my parents are ageing faster than I thought.

Feel helpless that I can’t do anything.

Feel frustrated that I can’t be by their side when things like this happen.

The only thing I can do is, to go back more often to see them.

In fact, every time I go back, I’m finding it harder to leave them. The moment I return to KL, I start missing them.

I’ll get so miserable if I don’t see them for more than a month.

The older I get, the more my heart desires to go home.

I guess this is what they always say, home is always where your heart is.

I’m going home next week. Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel delighted. :)


4 responses

  1. I too dislike receiving phone calls from my mom during odd hours.
    Sorry to hear about what happened to ur dad. I hope he will be recovering soon…very soon. Hugsss….parents are always our precious.

    March 28, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    • Ashley

      Very scary de hoh when you receive phone calls from them at those unusual hours.
      My dad is better liao. This Saturday will go for the physio. Hope he will be ok after that.
      Yalor, parents cannot be replaced.

      March 28, 2013 at 1:28 PM

  2. Blurcheryl

    I hate receiving phone calls repeatedly like missed call 5 times like that and my mum do it so often until I just ignored it and call back when I got the time. Also I receives calls from home at odd hours nothing scares me anymore, except Midnight calls.

    Hope your father get well soon. My KL House, the sofa from IKEA. If I sit in wrong position, my nerve at the tailbone there will be painful. At times I cannot stand straight n have to bend forward. So Seating position very important, and ladies should avoid sitting with crossing the leg for too long.

    April 2, 2013 at 4:35 PM

    • Ashley

      Eh… the sofa too hard is it?
      Thanks, my dad is better now, but still need to go through the physio.
      Ya, actually the position very important. I like to cross my legs when i sit in office, until few weeks ago my backache got worse. Then only I realised it’s my sitting posture. One week I tried very hard not to cross legs when I sit ler, and guess what, my backache improved!

      April 2, 2013 at 5:33 PM

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