50 Shades of Boredom

Last year, I’ve been seeing and hearing this Fifty Shades of Grey everywhere. I know that it is a book, but I didn’t know what kind of book it is. Saw it in the book-store but it didn’t attract me to at least pick it up and read the introduction at the back of the book.

First of all, I’ve never heard of the author. Secondly, the title looks to me like some sort of crime novel. When it comes to crime novels, Patricia Cornwell remains my favorite author. E. L. James? Sorry.

I’ve seen a lot of people singing its praises! Most of them are female. I saw people kept saying, “I am fifty shades of…” on Facebook statuses, blogs, emails, conversations…… I was like, what the…… Why the big hu-ha about a book? Finally, one of the Facebook friends is kind enough to email me the e-books. All three of them! I was thinking, good, I have new books to read then.

So, I went on a fifty shades trip without knowing what exactly it entails.

When I read the first page, “HUH??? Don’t tell me this is a romance novel!”

By the time I finish chapter one, confirmed lah, romance!

The more I read, the more I felt the boredom.

No doubt Anastasia Steele is smart and witty, but I don’t admire Christian Grey. To me, he is just a filthy-rich-seriously-troubled guy. Without the filthy-rich, no one would ever want to associate themselves with him. A lot of women out there would disagree with me. :)

I actually stopped reading at chapter 16. However, I was so bored during Chinese New Year and I finished the trilogy in a week’s time.

I can’t believe that I actually finished reading them! Well, I finished it just so that I could blog about it later! LOL! I don’t want to write about something that I don’t know and claim to be an expert. :P

If you take away the erotic scenes in the books, you don’t get much of the story. There is no reading value unless it is the pornography that you’re after. The author did try very hard to incorporate some mystery into the story, but I must say that she failed miserably. Before anything else, I already figured where she was leading us to. Before she could unravel the mystery, I already knew how it was going to be. Everything is so predictable, even the sex at the later part. Basically, the author was merely copying the same thing over and over again.

One thing I do wonder, if the author has tried all those sex toys and scenes. Either that, or she has consulted an “expert”. :)

Well, I am a romantic person, but also a realist.

I love romance too, but romance with a good story. I do read romance as well, in fact I love Nora Roberts’ novels.

Now, at least I can tell people that, I’ve read Fifty Shades, and it is f***ing boring. LOL!

P.S.: There’s a lot of rumours that they’re going to make a film based on the book. Will the movie ever get pass the censorship with so many sex scenes? And, will they get enough story to make a film minus all the sex scenes??? If minus all the sex scenes, will it just be another boring romance movie? One thing for sure, if ever it makes it to the big screen, I’ll not be able to watch it here. It will never get pass the Censorship Board of Malaysia. LOL! :D By luck that it gets through, the movie will only have 30 minutes left. Hahahaha.


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