Oblivion 2013

Finally, managed to catch a movie last night. Was so tired with the work, watching a good movie could offer me the relaxation that I longed for although a short one.

Andrew and I have never heard anything about “Tom Cruise has a new movie this year”. When we saw the trailer in the cinema few weeks ago (when we went to watch GI Joe), we were so surprised. Surprised that Tom Cruise has a new movie, also surprised that we’ve not heard or read anything about “Oblivion“. I couldn’t help but felt “oblivious”. :) How apt.

Of course, anything with Tom Cruise in, is a must-watch for me. :) For Andrew, the director is good enough to lure him in, it was the same director who directed Tron: Legacy. Just the trailer alone already showed quite a number of similarities to Tron.

The simplicity of colors, costumes, weapons and technology in the movie, is truly outstanding. Everything is so simple and clean but amazingly hi-tech. The beautiful hi-tech resident sits amongst the ruined and damaged city creates such a strong contrast. I asked myself, do I want to live in such a beautifully and nicely built house and sacrifice the earth, or live in the nature of the earth without the technology? Well, must we sacrifice the nature for the advancement of technology? Must we also sacrifice the usefulness of technology to protect the nature? Can’t we have both?

Sorry for the side track, back to the movie. :) Same director, same rules. Love the colors of the costumes/uniform, they’re so clean and uniform. In Tron we have those lighted race cars and bikes, in Oblivion there’s drones. :)

Thumbs up to Tom Cruise! Without his good performances, I honestly think that the movie wouldn’t be so great. He could make the boring scenes bearable and needed. Not because of his looks (of course he is handsome), it’s his ability to make you pay attention and listen to him. You just can’t deny his talent.

The movie was progressing pretty slow but not boring. The director, Joseph Kosinski is smart in keeping the audience suspended. Revealing the truth bit by bit, left you doubting what you’re thinking, wondering what the end will be and wanting to stay until the end. It’s pretty much a romance story, but not lacking the action too. I didn’t know sci-fi movie can be so simple and “clean”. The visual effects are so neatly done.

Surprisingly, this is one sci-fi movie that I asked less questions. I didn’t find anything in the movie that I don’t understand. It is so easy to understand and interpret if you pay attention.

Oblivion is a great movie if you’re a sci-fi fans. If you’re a romantic, you’ll love this too. For me, I love it. Cool story, great backgrounds, great actors, exciting action, pretty visuals…… Need I say more? :)

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