Surviving. Praying.

No words
Can describe

No tears
Can define

I wish for nothing
As I can’t wish no more

I dream no future
As I see no future

Beyond sadness
I stand

Above hopelessness
I pray

Life goes on
I go on

Here I am
Standing strong

There you are
Going strong

Against all odds

We survive

~ Ashley

I cannot say enough of how much respect I have for those who’s strong enough to stand by the side of their sick family members. I salute my sister for being so strong to go through all of it from the moment her husband got sick to the day he left, and with a toddler to  take care of. I respect my friend who for the past three years never gave up on her boyfriend (who was seriously injured in a car accident) even when the people around her told her to. He is on his way to full recovery.

For those who’s fighting the battle that can’t seem to win, have a little more faith in yourself and also in your god. Miracle happens when you least expect it. For those who lost their loved ones unfortunately, never lose hope and don’t stop praying. You are already a miracle to be able to be strong for others.


Photo by Ashley, at DMZ, South Korea.

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