Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

I Am Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I can speak Chinese
Because my ancestors were Chinese
But, I am Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I call Malaysia home
Because it is where I was born
So, I am Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I choose to exercise my rights
Because I have to do what is right
Therefore, I fight as a Malaysian

I am Malaysian
I vote for a better future
Because I want a better future

A future where we are all Malaysians
A future where I do not have to fill in my “race”
A future where we stand united as one race
A future where I do not fear my government
A future where the government serves its people
A future where I can proudly tell the world that,
“I am Malaysian
I love my country
And I love my leader”

~ Ashley

P.S.: Right now, I am not entirely proud of being a Malaysian. I am not entirely happy to be a Malaysian. I love my country, and it saddens me so much to see a bunch of monkeys running this country to the ground. It has become worse in the past 10 years. I am not sure of what the future will bring, but I am all hopeful. I am not a supporter of the opposition, but I am a supporter of change. 56 years…… It is long enough. Chance should be given to others, just like when the Americans given Obama a chance. For better or worse, we will be the ones who make the history. The vote, is in our hands. Why are we so afraid of change? I have heard people saying, “no one is capable enough to rule this country”. My dear, we are not sure, we are not sure. Don’t judge too quickly. At least, a change is better than nothing. Change, is what we need now.


He gave his people hope, but many are now disappointed. At least, the people of USA held their heads high and said, “I made that change”. I wish I would be able to say that, on 5th May 2013.


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