Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Iron Man Rocks. Still.

Andrew and I don’t like to “squeeze” with the crowds, we often wait until the second or third week after the blockbuster movie starts showing in the cinema. Especially for movies like Iron Man where everybody is “fighting” for a seat, we’d rather wait.

However, last month when Iron Man 3 started showing, we went to visit Andrew’s aunt and she suggested to go for a movie. We went to TGV in 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall, gosh, all Iron Man shows were sold out! Aunt Felicia didn’t give up, when we reached home, she went online and bought tickets for Iron Man 3 in TGV KLCC. LOL! Thanks to her, we get to watch Iron Man 3 while it was still HOT. :)

Tony Stark is what makes Iron Man human. I must say that Robert Downey Jr. really plays it very well and given the iron suit the heart and soul. He’s telling us that even superhero has his weaknesses and fear. It is the fear, that makes them do the impossible, that makes them heroes. Tony Stark’s fear of losing the love of his life, Pepper, he would do anything and everything to protect her. That includes giving up his own life.

I shall not write anymore, it’s all in the movie. :) Iron Man 3 is very easy to understand.

No matter if you’re a fan of Iron Man or not, you should watch this. It’s not just about superhero, invincible shield and actions. There is romance, friendship and trust.

P.S.: I was so freaking surprised when the true identity of Ben Kingsley, Mandarin was revealed in the movie! No one would have thought of that! I couldn’t believe it! Ben Kingsley, a great actor indeed. :)


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