Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Life With A… Young Boy

Ahh…… The title seems…… Nope, it’s not about me having an affair with some young chap. LOL! Sorry to disappoint you. XD

About two weeks ago, a young boy came to my house, and he’s living with me ever since.


He’s my eldest sister’s eldest son. Just finished his secondary school with flying colours. His ambition, physiotherapist. I asked him why the other day, he said he wants to do something that is not monotonous, that he can have someone talk to during the process, not some machines that can’t talk back. Hmm…… I didn’t expect that from a young boy. Anyway, I’m glad that he knows what he wants, unlike most of the youngsters nowadays do not have a clue of what they really want.

With him in the house, things changed. I feel like I have a, SON.

My worries start in the morning, everyday.

Every morning, I’ll be worrying if he’s taken his breakfast before he goes to study. I don’t want his gastric to act up.

Then, I’ll worry if he manages to catch the bus on time so that he doesn’t have to wait and won’t be late for his classes.

Also, I’ll worry if he catches the right bus so that he doesn’t have to walk too far.

Come noon, I’ll be thinking if he has his lunch, what he has and if it’s enough to last him till dinner.

Afternoon, I’ll worry again if he catches the right bus on time.

And I’ll worry more whenever I think of the busy road that he has to cross when he goes home.

I’ll worry if some robbers or snatch thieves lay their eyes on him. I’ll worry if he tells me he’s going for a swim. I too will worry if he will open door to strangers.

Evening, before I reach home for dinner, I’ll worry if he is hungry and should I ask him go for dinner first.

During dinner, again I’ll worry if the food is enough to fill his stomach.

Before bed, I’ll check if he has his milk/milo before he goes to bed (that is his habit).

I felt bad when he told me he missed the bus, or he didn’t have lunch, or he walked quite a distance because he took the wrong bus, or he was stuck in the bus for an hour due to the bad traffic, or he was sardine-d in the train because of the peak hours.

I can’t go shopping or movie after work, not that he needs me at home, but I’ll feel guilty for leaving him home alone.

I can’t just skip lunches or dinners during weekends, because I’ll feel guilty to let him eat alone.

I can’t wake up late during weekends too, because I’ll need to make sure he has his breakfast.

I hardly sleep earlier than him, because I’ll need to make sure he doesn’t “need” anything else.

My goodness! Is this how a parent feels when they have a child????????

He’s not even my child and I am already worrying so much. And for goodness’ sake, he is 17!

There’s a reason I treat him this way. My mom took care of him since he was a baby, he’s just like the son that my mother never has the chance to have. He has always been with us, and he is close to us. I feel obligated to take care of him when he comes here for studies. And my sister is less worried since she knows I’ll take good care of him.

However, the life with him in the house is soon coming to an end. This weekend, he will be moving to the rented house near his university. Told him that he can come back any time if he doesn’t like it there.

For the past two weeks, I feel like I am undergoing some crash course of parenting, minus the diaper-changing and milk-feeding. I’m not sure how good I am, all I know is I must take good care of him.

I’m gonna miss him, and I will not stop worrying!

P.S.: When my sister came two weeks ago, I jokingly asked her to give her youngest son (she has 2 sons) to me. She said something which warm my heart, “huh…… My children are your children, if you want to take care you can take them any time. Isn’t that already the way it is for us siblings? Look how we take care of each others’ children.” I thank my mom and dad for teaching us well, the bond between us sisters is so strong.


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