How The Hell Do I Go Through This?!

People say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. So, what happens to the not-so-tough ones? They die? Bullshit! I say we are all tough ones to be able to live in this shitty world.

I couldn’t believe how far I’ve come, and I couldn’t believe I’ve put up with this one particular person for so many years!

Being me, the bad-tempered Ashley, I would have become a big bully here. However, that’s not the case!

I could have easily gone down the bully road. That would make my job much easier. Why haven’t I done that????????????

Why do I still put up with someone who constantly threatens me and stay in this hell hole?????????????????

Why do I let someone threatens me in the first place????????????????????

What is wrong with me?????????????????????

How can I being labelled as bad-tempered but yet letting others walk all over me???????

I don’t feel myself anymore.

I sacrificed my true self, so that I could survive.

What else do I need to sacrifice?

No. No more.

I shall now go for the money.

I must get out of this shitty place!

This hopeless place!

First time, in my life, that I am saying, I give up.

This is, hopeless.

P.S.: Pardon my bad mood. Again, I let one person affects my mood. She is just so mean, to the core.

6 thoughts on “How The Hell Do I Go Through This?!”

      1. Mag, I hope I can do it now. But not now…. I will for sure… still need some time.

  1. Ouchh….that sounds bad. I hope you can get over those shitty stuffs or at least cope with it. Perhaps you need some Moral support! Jia you Ashley….

    1. Ya… Really need moral support, especially from colleagues here, but the fact is support is very minimal here. :(

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