SK-II: The Journey Continues

Last year, I’ve sort of written a review on the Facial Treatment Essence, the so-called “miracle water” from SK-II. Now that I’ve been using it for one and a half years, and I must say that I love it.

I have previously heard people said that you’ll get hooked once you start using the Facial Treatment Essence. I must say that it is true, but not for the reason that I’ve heard. Some said that the essence is actually “eating” away the dead skin and expose your true skin, which is why your skin will look like baby’s skin which is soft and smooth. If you stopped using it, the dead skin that grows back will become dull and thick and make you lost all the radiance. So, you’re hooked. You’ll have to use the essence for the rest of your life. Some even said that the essence caused them to have sensitive skin.

Well, I must say that there is no one perfect skincare that is perfect for everyone. Remember, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. What works perfect on me, may not be all that good on you and vice versa. If one thing can really work best on everyone, we wouldn’t have so many brands and products in the market and yet they have their own loyal customers.

Like I’ve mentioned before, you’ll just have to try it out to find out what is best for yourself.

Back to the essence. I’ve actually stopped using it for a while to see if my skin really needs to depend on it to look good. Last year, when I was on sick leave for more than a week, I actually stopped all skincare. I was at home and I was lazy. :P Guess what, after more than a week without skincare, my skin still looked as good as (or as bad as) when I use them. Perhaps I was at home the whole time and there wasn’t any pollution to my skin, my skin looked fine. I didn’t see any skin regrowth during that 10 days break.

The essence works really good on blemish and breakouts. Whenever I have pimple or blemish, I’ll press the facial cotton (wet with the essence) on the concern area. The pimple/blemish will be less swollen. The best part is, the essence doesn’t irritate. You don’t feel the tingling or burning effect that you may feel with some anti-blemish cream. Instead, the essence soothes the skin. This, has become my ritual whenever I have breakouts. :)

When I feel that I need a little of pampering and extra care, I will use the essence as a mask. I’ll wet 2 or 3 pieces of facial cotton pad with the essence, and put them on my face for 10 minutes, usually the cheeks and forehead. If the cotton pad is still damp, I’ll put them on other areas such as the nose, chin and neck. Trust me, with something expensive like that, you do not even want to waste a drop of it. My face feels so supple and soft after this little pampering.

Another good thing about the essence is that I can use it on the eye area. I don’t have to worry about it being too heavy or oily or irritation. It actually helps a little in puffiness in the morning. When my under eyelids appear puffy in the morning, I’ll pat and dab the essence (with the cotton pad) around the eye area and stay on longer. Surprisingly the puffiness reduced. Also, the oil seeds (some called them milia seeds) around my eyes stopped growing larger when I started using the essence. Some even reduced in size and they’re not so obvious anymore. I was so, so, so delighted.

Conclusion, I’ll still continue using this Facial Treatment Essence. Expensive but one bottle of 70ml can usually last me 5 months. I don’t buy the largest bottle, which is 215ml even the salesgirl kept telling me it was more worth it to go BIG. I prefer the small bottle, easier to carry around and 70ml can already last me 5 months, imagine how long 215ml can last for me.

I am now so tempted to try the Cellumination Essence EX. A lot of review said it works and skin glows even without make-up. Isn’t that what all of us women want? But it is darn expensive lah, RM499 for 30ml. @__@

Women are so contradicting. When we are young, we spend money on cosmetics to look beautiful. When we are old, we spend thousands of money to look au naturale. Sigh……

2 thoughts on “SK-II: The Journey Continues”

  1. SK-II system is so expensive and I stop using it like 5 years ago and start buying other brands like Khiels, Lancome, Laneige, Kanebo, Shiseido, Clarins etc but at last SK-II Essence is still the best. Can’t beat that Pitera magic!! haha

    1. I’m only using the treatment essence. I dare not try the rest, so worried later I’ll be hooked, that time really PK liao.
      The pitera really magic lah. My hubby’s using for about 2 months already and I can see his skin condition is getting better, less oily at the end of the day and pores are slightly smaller.

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