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La Pari-Pari, Langkawi

Last year, Andrew and I thought, it was time for us to revisit Langkawi. Our first time to Langkawi was back in year 2008, before we were married. So, I booked 2 tickets to Langkawi again. That was last year September we travelled. :) Sorry for sharing it so late.

We stayed in Awana Porto Malai, was thinking to stay there again but, it looks pretty run-down to me now. Also, we would like to stay in some where else to have the different experience. Langkawi isn’t a place short in places to stay.

Coincidentally, saw this new B&B in Langkawi, called La Pari-Pari. Usually I would go to TripAdvisor to read the reviews of the place before I make any reservation. I couldn’t find any for La Pari-Pari, it was still very new. There were some good comments on its Facebook page though. They called themselves eco-friendly and striving to recycle and reuse. They even had carpenters to make the bedframes for all of the rooms, use natural colour tones, preserve the greens and energy. I was attracted by this and the look of the resort. So, I decided to give it a try.

RM275 per room per night, inclusive of daily breakfast for two. It isn’t the cheapest in Langkawi, and I would say that it is a little pricey considering that it is just a B&B. Well, don’t you notice that nowadays everything related to “organics, natural, eco-friendly” would cost more than those which is not? Sigh…… The price is higher to pay to go back to nature, how irony.

Back to the B&B. It took Andrew and I some time to find the path that leads to the B&B, we missed it the first time we drove past. They should have a bigger signboard on the main road, and another one on the path leading to it.

Andrew and I had a shock when we saw the entrance, pretty small. We were greeted by a young lady, sorry that I didn’t ask for her name, she ushered us into the restaurant area, fatCUPID. Everything is furnished in a simple and clean way, white, grey, wood, cement…… I felt a sense of serenity. It was so quiet.

While waiting for the lady to process our check-in, I took a quick tour around. Small compound, nothing too fancy. It is basically a U-shape design. Two rows of chalets on the left and right, the swimming pool in the centre and there’s a big tree. Not a great idea though to have such a tall tree so near the pool, you get fallen leaves and branches in the pool. The pool is smaller than what I’ve seen in photos, it appeared larger. There’s an empty field after the pool, kind of a waste for not utilising it. At the far end is forest/jungle that I doubt I would want to venture into.

When we got the key, the young lady led us to our room, which is at the far end facing the jungle! Oh dear…… I appreciate the privacy but I don’t appreciate having to hear all the weird sound/noise in the middle of the night. The walkway is nicely paved. Problem though when it rains because it isn’t covered. Lucky they have an umbrella in the room which you can use any time.

The key to the room, is just a, KEY. Don’t expect a fancy swipe card like a 5-star hotel. The key is all you have to lock the door in the small courtyard. Then you have another key to open the sliding glass door to the room. You’ll have to switch on the air-conditioner, lights and fan, on your own. There is no such thing as central control here. Don’t be lazy, it’s time to go back to nature and use your hands.

The bed is okay, considered spacious for Andrew and I. I actually expected the bed to be smaller. :) There’s a hanging rail in the dressing area, a shelf unit and a table. I gasped when I saw the bathroom. Holy cow, so big and spacious that I could dance inside! What a shame that there isn’t a bathtub. Love the sink area.

I was surprised to see several toilet rolls on the shelf, meaning that the guests would be able to use as much as they please. Hahaha. I won’t do that. Just surprised as usually hotel would only provide an extra roll for you everyday.

I finally met Karina, the owner of the B&B. A very nice and lovely lady. Am not sure it was because of the low season or she is naturally friendly, she talked to us whenever we were in fatCUPID. There is another lady which I can’t recall her name. Aiks, this is the result of writing this so long after the visit lor. They don’t have this I-am-the-boss-here attitude, they’re just too friendly.

Speaking of fatCUPID, I believe it deserves another blog post by itself. The food is so delicious! I’ll blog about it later on.

The daily continental breakfast provided isn’t fantastic though. When I read the menu and what are the things in a continental breakfast, I wasn’t thrilled. I was disappointed as I don’t even get an egg in the breakfast. :( There’s some fresh vegetables, fruits, 2 pieces of toast, butter and jam and that’s it. How could this last me till lunch time especially when I had to wake up so early in the morning? I made a decision to order something else from the menu. Good news is, we get RM6 subsidies if we order something else instead of taking the continental breakfast. The breakfast isn’t cheap though. Sigh.

In general, it was a pleasant stay. However, we personally think that it isn’t worth the value. Saw that they’ve increased their price too. We will definitely return to fatCUPID for the food, but we will not stay in again. If you’re looking for some place quiet and different, you may try La Pari-Pari though. Good experience.


The entrance.


fatCUPID is located at the front of the B&B after the entrance.


The small courtyard in front of our room.


The room.




Dressing/mini bar area.


The huge bathroom.


Shower milk, shampoo and conditioner from Thann.


The key! :D


Path that leads to all the rooms.


The pool.




Just a comparison to show the size of the pool.


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