Man of Steel

I know it’s a little too late to blog about Man of Steel now when the heat is gone. I just didn’t have the time and mood to blog about movies. As some of you may know that it ain’t easy to blog about movies.

I was attracted to Man of Steel, not because of the handsome and macho Henry Cavill, but more because I wanted to see what kind of “man of steel” they made this time. I love Superman Returns back in 2006, love the way Brandon Routh portrayed Superman and love the story. I was hoping after so long, Man of Steel could (if not better than the previous one) at least remind us the story of Superman again.

When Andrew saw the Superman standee outside the cinema, he shouted, “Look! Superman not wearing underwear!!!” I laughed so loud! Before the movie, I’ve been hearing people saying finally Superman now learns to wear underwear on the inside, or that he has grown up that he doesn’t need diaper anymore. I’ve not heard anyone saying Superman not wearing undies!!! LOL! Andrew’s the first!!! Hahahaha. I was shocked to see the new Superman doesn’t have the red undies on the outside. To me,  that is Superman’s trademark, same with the cape. If you remove it, he just looks like yet another superhero. But this is Superman! The superhero of all superheroes. How can he be ordinary like other superheroes?! :(

First half an hour of the movie was about what was happening on Kryton before it exploded. After that, more stories on what happened back then and there. It was a delight to see Russell Crowe, but I don’t appreciate the movie focused so much on what happened on Kryton and the feud between General Zod and Jor-El. The movie seemed to lose its focus on Superman. I felt like they were making a movie to tell what happened to Kryton and General Zod’s story.

Superman’s character was not well defined. Although we know what Superman went through to be who he is today, it would be nice if the director could focus more on his childhood and teenage time. Those periods were mostly briefly described. I didn’t expect to see this in Superman Returns because we all knew it was on Superman’s adulthood, that he went missing and returned. However in Man Of Steel, the director showed us the childhood and yet he didn’t show enough.

The same goes to Lois Lane’s character. With all due respect to Amy Adams, she’s a great actress, but I don’t think she’s suitable for Lois Lane’s character. She looks too sweet to be Lois Lane. In the movie she did appear to be strong and stubborn, but I find it forceful.

It was another surprise to see Kevin Costner. How perfect for him to be Superman’s human father. He totally nailed it.

I find the movie to be a bit long. I got so impatient towards the end. When the Kryton’s craft finally exploded, I thought to myself, “finally! Finished!” When I saw General Zod came out from no where (how the hell he survived the explosion was not even explained), I sank deep into my seat and told Andrew, “my gosh…… when is it going to end?!”

There were times the conversations were boring and unnecessary. The superhuman fighting scenes were boring too. You got two superhuman throwing fists at each other and you don’t even know who’s beating who. I know, I know. Superman is fast and this is expected, but it’s just, boring. The way how Superman finished General Zod, gosh…… What?! Just like that???!!! That was really… lame. :(

I was so disappointed with the movie. I still prefer the Superman portrayed by Brandon Routh. Handsome, with a bit of sorrow in his eyes. Gentle, yet stubborn. Strong, but fragile. I personally feel Henry Cavill’s Superman is too macho, too rogue. Perhaps I shouldn’t compare the two of them. After all, it’s two totally different movies. Well, I just can’t help it. :)

P.S.: About the new costume, it’s a love-hate thing for me. Love that it has texture, the new “S” logo, the flowy velvety cape and the new boots. However, what happened to the underwear??? :| Okay, I must admit Superman looks cooler without the underwear, but it also makes him lesser of a Superman. Don’t you think so?


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