IKEA Or Not? #4

I was supposed to post this before the Chinese New Year. I don’t know why it’s been sitting in my “draft” for so long.

We did a fair bit of shopping for the coming Chinese New Year, spent a whole lot of money!

Nope, I am not trying to have a big fat CNY. Those things that we bought are actually for the house. One year after moving into the new place, we still have boxes of stuff yet to be unpacked. All because of the tight budget and we can’t possibly buy everything all together.

Finally, bought some more book shelves from IKEA. It’s not completed, still need to get the doors for some of them later.

Every time we went to IKEA, we would always end up buying more stuff than we planned.

I’ve always wanted to get a carpet for our bedroom, thought of getting the same one as the one we have in the living room. Then, Andrew spotted a bigger one at RM299. Out of the blue, he said, “why not we move the one in the living room to the bedroom and get this bigger one for the living room?” Hmm…… Makes sense. So we went to pick up the HAMPEN high pile rug (RM299).

Hampen high pile rug

When I looked at the real thing, I was a bit concerned about the size. It is 160x230cm, which may be too long for our living hall. I was struggling there whether to buy it. Thanks to Andrew’s sharp eyes, he saw another rug priced at RM299 too! It’s a low pile rug though, but it is square. We were not sure of how it’s gonna look in the living hall, but with the IKEA’s 100 days return policy, we took the risk. It fits perfectly fine and looks great!


I was really headache with the dressing table in the bedroom. Whether to get a table, a wall shelf or a chest of 6 drawers which the top can double up as a table top. For a year I’ve been applying make up in the bathroom and sitting on the floor applying my skincare. @__@ Why took so long? Firstly, I couldn’t find a dressing table that I like in IKEA and I do not trust the local furniture shop anymore. I was eyeing the chest of 6 drawers in IKEA but it was out of my budget, needed to save up then. This time, I know I couldn’t wait no more. I went ahead with the wall shelf. I.NEED.A.PROPER.PLACE.FOR.MY.MAKEUP.AND.SKINCARE. Got one shelf for now, thinking of adding another one later and get some baskets to make them like drawers, sort of. Can’t believe this LACK wall shelf is so cheap, RM59 only!


Since we were already there, and to cut down another headache, we got a king size quilt from IKEA too. Saved us the hassle of going through all the brands in Isetan/AEON and burn a big hole in our pockets. MYSA STRA quilt, warmth rate 3, at RM129 for king size. You may tell me that it isn’t good for that kind of price. Well, I have had cheap comforter which I’ve used for 7 years. If this can last us a good 5 years, I would say it is good enough. Update: This is really a warmer and worth all the penny! It’s not too warm and not too thin. Perfect in any weather.


On our way to “check out”, while I picked up some photo frames, Andrew saw this magnetic board and he got this crazy (okay, maybe not that crazy) idea. He wanted to get 3 magnetic boards so that we could stick our photos on it and that way, won’t damage the wall too. THREE magnetic board!!! I am “looking forward” to seeing how he’s gonna do that. Sometimes his spontaneous impressed me, but I always have doubt on the “implementation” part. :P Let’s just see. Update: Still much work to do to make this thing looks really “impressive”, I wonder when will my man get to do it. :|


We have also bought a few small items, which I will not mention all of them here.

So, my house is full of IKEA’s stuff. What choice do I have when the local furniture shops failed me big time.

5 thoughts on “IKEA Or Not? #4”

  1. There are some chest of 6 drawers at IKEA that I like… but I felt kinda expensive. :-(
    Talking about this post suppose to be during CNY..I rmbr you posted a photo on FB during that time. And OMG! It was like as though not long ago gum…

    1. I like the chest of 6 drawers also ler. With glass top will need RM699 I think. :|
      Yalah… Memang very fast lah… already september liao leh…. CNY is only 5 months away *hint hint*. Kakakaka :P

  2. most of the furniture in my house from Ikea. 80 %!! I like to shop there as its so easy to pick up the furniture/ flat pack and the small items too. Every time we assemble the furniture we thought that Ikea tools & nuts and their packaging is so cool, always amazed by its smart design :)

  3. I can say 80% of my home furniture from Ikea. I like to shop on catalogue and pick things up on my own, which I can easily do that in Ikea. No fuss and can return it if I changed my mind. I like the square rug that you bought, I almost got that too.

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