Fair To Be Unfair

I talk
She is offended
She speaks
I become speechless

I do it
She criticises
She does it
I must compliment

I am angry
She calls me sensitive
She is angry
I have to say sorry

I make mistake
She says idiot
She makes mistake
I must forgive

I say no
She says stubborn
She says no
I shall be grateful

I disagree
She says weird
She disagrees
I must agree

Not everyone understands
It is never fair
Not everyone sees
It is difficult
To be that someone
Who is always at the other end
Being told, “it is never fair”

~ Ashley

Sometimes, I wish people would stop saying “it is never fair” to justify their unfair treatments towards others. I so wish to ask them, “can I then be unfair to you since it is never fair?”

2 thoughts on “Fair To Be Unfair”

    1. You are so right Maggie! And although everyone knows it, they will say, “well, nothing is fair”!!! I sometimes seriously wish they’re the one being mistreated.

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