The Much Dreaded D&C

Before I made the decision to go for the D&C (Dilation and Curettage), I was so worried. It is only human nature to fear the unknown.

I was Google-ing frantically what it is all about. Although I’ve heard about it before, I didn’t know exactly what the patient would be going through. All I got from our miss Google was medical explanations, there is rarely any one shared about their personal experiences. I wanted to know if one would feel pain after the procedure, how long does it actually take (although the doctor already told me it would only take 20 minutes), how long does it take to recover…… I only found 2 stories shared by some kind souls. I know, I know, it is not something good that one would like to share and we definitely do not want others to go through the same thing. Well, here I am, sharing my own experience.

The day when the gynae told me the baby has stopped growing, I was given two options. One is to wait for it to miscarry naturally, which will take another two weeks to one month! Another options is to go for the D&C procedure. If at all I chose to do the D&C, I could choose to do it in his private clinic, or he could write me a referral letter to do it in HUKM.

I waited for another week, partly hoping that I would miscarry, partly because Andrew and I would like to get a second opinion. So, we went to Columbia Asia Setapak, which is like a stone throw away from where I live! Before this, I’ve done some reading in Lowyat forum that there is two good gynae’s in Columbia Asia Setapak. In fact, I wanted to come to Columbia Asia at a later stage of the pregnancy. I should have come earlier…… I should have……

Anyway, we went to see Dr. Mohd Suhaimi Hassan, a very nice and patience doctor. He did another ultrasound scan, and confirmed the bad news. Again, I was presented with two options. He said I could wait, but there’s a risk that I may end up in extreme pain or haemorrhaging or the miscarriage isn’t complete, I would then still need to go for a D&C. He told me that I could go back to the clinic for the D&C, or he could also give me a referral letter to go to HUKM, which is much cheaper. He advised me to better do it in the hospital and do it properly. It is very kind of him to remind us to return during weekdays as the hospital will usually charge a surcharge on a non-working day.

We went home, thought about the options. Actually I have sort of made up my mind to do the D&C in Columbia Asia. Firstly, I did not want to do the D&C in the clinic after knowing that I won’t be going under general anaesthesia. Secondly, after seeing Dr. Suhaimi, I don’t feel comfortable anymore to go back to the clinic. Thirdly, to go to HUKM, get myself registered again, and it’s a government hospital, I’m not sure if I would get a good gynae. Most importantly, I feel more comfortable and confident with Dr. Suhaimi. Andrew too is more comfortable with me doing it in Columbia Asia. He explained that it is expensive, but nonetheless we can still afford it.

Went in on 23 October morning. Dr. Suhaimi explained to me what he was going to do later and he assured me again that it is a very simple and easy procedure which would only take 15 to 20 minutes. I was nervous.

First time I had a cannula on my body, first time I wore the ever-so-sexy surgical gown, first time I lied on a hospital bed, first time I got wheeled on a bed, first time I was in a operating theatre…… All the first times that I did not wish to have!

I was only admitted to the daycare centre since the procedure didn’t require me to stay over night. The anaesthetist, Dr. Ganesh came to talk to me about the anaesthesia. Another nice doctor. I asked him how long does it take for me to go unconscious, he said 30 seconds. I was thinking, that is long. LOL! I found out later that he gave us the safest answer, it didn’t take 30 seconds for me to fell asleep. I remember him telling me in the OR that he was injecting the anaesthetic, I looked at him and he said, “if you feel sleepy you can sleep”. Immediately I felt some numbness on my back and the second I shifted my gaze back to the ceiling, I went “CONK”. LOL! There was no counting down like what we saw in the movies! I just zonked out! Less than 3 seconds!

I heard the nurse calling my full name, I opened my eyes and there I was, in the recovery room outside the OR. He told me that the procedure is over and it only took 15 minutes or so. That was quick. Good thing is, I did not have any sharp pain. Only dizziness caused by the anaesthetic. I was resting in the recovery room for another 5 or 10 minutes before I was wheeled to the daycare centre.

The moment I saw Andrew, I started weeping. I suddenly felt “empty”, and the reality hit hard. It is gone……

I was in the daycare centre for about 3 hours. Lucky me that I did not feel nausea or pain. The only pain I felt was from the cannula! It was on the side of my wrist bone, I don’t know why Dr. Suhaimi inserted it there. S*** man, it hurts a lot when the nurse trying to detach the tube (I was on drips) from it. Around 3pm, after Dr. Suhaimi came to check on me, I was good to go. Had to come back for a follow-up and report the following week.

I was curious though, I read from the web that the nurse would insert some pill to dilate the cervix, I did not get those. I was wheeled to the OR straight away. I forgot to ask the doctor.

I did not have heavy bleeding for three days. My luck was short-lived. The Saturday following the procedure, my stomach was so bloated and I had extremely bad cramps! It was like what people described about the contractions! What the F***!!!!!! It came every 5 minutes and I couldn’t even sleep. I was cursing and cursing, that was the day I cursed the most in my life! If this is too much information for you, please do not read the following sentence. I was gushing blood and clots and tissues during that day.

I took Panadol at night and lucky that it helped. I could sleep at night. However, the moment I woke up in the middle of the night, the pain came. Fortunately, the pain subsided a little the next day. I was feeling slightly better on Monday morning but in the afternoon, I had another episode of cramps and blood again.

I couldn’t wait till the follow-up on Wednesday, went to see Dr. Suhaimi on Tuesday morning. He said I shouldn’t be having the pain and bleeding that much, and he didn’t have patients that went through what I was going through. He’s worried of an infection. Did an ultrasound scan, my uterus is clean, only some tiny blood clots left which the doctor said it would either come out or absorb by my body. Anyway, he prescribed me another round of antibiotics.

I only started to feel good again on Thursday.

I just hope there won’t be any complications anymore.

2 thoughts on “The Much Dreaded D&C”

  1. I noticed something wrong with you since your previous post but didn’t expect to turn out like this.
    I hope you be strong and most importantly TLC from your hubby.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Ya, lots of unexpected things this year, hope next year is a better one. And I did receive a lot of TLC from hubby. hahahaha.

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