Ashley Goes Local!

If some of you hadn’t noticed, I am from Malaysia, I am Malaysian. English is not our mother tongue and we don’t speak English like the British (with the accent) although our English is UK based. We, speak our very own Manglish! *I’m so surprised that Manglish is explained on Wikipedia!!!*

When we speak English among our people, we can get very LOCAL. We add our own dialects, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese…… Sometimes Tamil….. Hahahaha. As long as we can understand each other, we use all sorts of languages that we know in one sentence to make it “colourful”. However, I don’t write Manglish in my blog. I don’t know why. Occasionally you would see some “lah”, “aiyo”, and whatnots, but not the full version of Manglish. So, when I read this on Daily Prompt: Non-Regional Diction, I thought this is the best opportunity to show off my Manglish. Hahahaha. Be warned, if you’re not used to Manglish, you may not have a clue what I’m trying to express. :D

Christmas is coming soon lah, told Andrew I want to start decorating the Christmas tree but he pulak said next month only take out. Ish…… I want the Christmas feel mah and he tak paham one. Need to go IKEA fast lor, or else sure like last year, all the deco stuff habik disapu. Kesian us last year, only managed to grab some leftover stuff.

This Christmas I’m going to bake some cookies. Andrew’s aunt gave me this great idea to bake some cookies as Christmas gift. Since I so semangat to bake now, better take this opportunity to practice more. Then I can bake my own cookies for CNY liao! Andrew said last week, “CNY don’t need to buy cookies from outside liao lor……” I sweat, he really thinks so highly of his wifey lor.

Ever since my miscarriage, I keep telling myself not to stress too much at work. Wah…… It works leh. Things that I would usually feel upset about, now I just don’t care lah. Cin cai lah whatever you want to say, I just smile and do whatever I can. If you don’t like it, go complain to my boss lah, let him decide lor. So long as I feel that I’m doing the right thing, what to afraid oh. Of course lor, sometimes will still feel a bit “boh song” lor, but I won’t let it affect my mood anymore. Mm jek dak lor. Sigh, took me so long to finally learn the art of tidak-apa. Well, it’s better late than never lor.

After watching Thor: The Dark World, I fell in love with Tom Hiddleston (I remember his name ’cause it is unique lah. Hahaha.)! Aiyoooo…… The handsome bad boy in Thor!!! In The Dark World, he looks even more charming lah. Bad boy with character, beh tahan ah…… Now I like Loki more than Thor. Hahahaha. He’s bad, yet he’s good, and then he’s bad again…… Walau ehhh…… Then I saw this video of him being in an interview prank, he is so adorable lah!!! And so good mannered! Then there’s another video of him dancing! Fuyooohhh…… How can he be so cool???!!!

Meeting my girl friends tomorrow, excited leh. This few girl friends are friends that I really cherish. Although we don’t see each other very often, we do keep in touch one. I volunteered to bake them some cupcakes, kan cheong ah. Nicole is usually the one who bakes for us, now is the time to return the favor lor. Cannot always eat but no return one mah, must return the favor if can de. I have this funny principle, if I receive a favor from someone hoh, I will try to return it even if it’s not to the same person. For example, I used to have a colleague who always sent me home whenever she could. After she resigned, I (more like Andrew lah) would try to send other colleagues (those who stay near my place) home if I could.

I didn’t know it could be this difficult for me to write in Manglish lor. I usually speak Manglish one lah, I don’t know why when it comes to writing I have difficulty to incorporate it in. Funny hoh? Someone at work used to correct my broken English since I speak Manglish. I then talked to him in a strictly perfect English, “don’t do that with me and don’t think that I don’t know how to SPEAK good English. When I do, you will feel embarrassed for yourself. Now, do you want me to speak proper English with you?” That totally shut him off! Wah…… Shiokness. I speak Manglish because I am Malaysian. I don’t try to speak in some English slang and accent here. I used to work with people from other countries, namely American, British, Australian and Kiwi. I only speak proper English when I need to. When I’m with my own people, Manglish prevails. :) Or some of us would call it, rojak English lah.

When you see/hear Malaysians speaking broken English with each other, don’t be shocked, it is our culture here. Also, don’t assume that we can’t speak proper English. Manglish is how we communicate, it doesn’t mean we did not learn English the proper way. 

I once saw someone shared this on Facebook, only Malaysian can understand this:

Macha, you want da pao or makan here?

4 languages/dialects in one sentence, and it looks totally fine to us, because we understand it perfectly. :D

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