The Horror

I used to love horror movies (in fact I still love them) and I wouldn’t have nightmares after watching them. I could still go on with my daily life not worrying if I would see a ghost or some spirit is going to haunt me.

Years ago, when I was still a college student, I watched Ju-On together with my housemates at home. That movie, is my curse. I couldn’t get rid of those images from my head! I was so scared that I called Andrew (who wasn’t home to watch the movie together) and told him to come home IMMEDIATELY (he was my housemate back then). He would now recall that I sounded like I was just being robbed. LOL! Ju-On is really scary s*** I tell ya!

I have this love-hate relationship with horror movies since then, I want to watch them but I am also scared. Andrew doesn’t appreciate that part of me. He doesn’t like horror movies and he doesn’t understand why I still want to watch them when I feel so scared. He refuses to watch horror movies in the cinema, or I should say he doesn’t even want to watch them. I literally have to beg him to watch it with me, but he never budge. :( Luckily he said yes for watching The Conjuring in the cinema! That’s because I told him it’s based on a true story! The last time he watched a horror movie with me in a cinema (before The Conjuring), he fell asleep!!! T__T

I only watch horror movies at home when Andrew is around. Also, I will only watch horror movies after I take my shower. Hahaha. You ask, what has shower got to do with watching horror movies? All because of Ju-On lah! There was a scary scene happened in the bathroom while the girl was taking her shower…… Gosh!!! Don’t remind me of that! Andrew will always remind me to take my shower first if I want to watch horror movies. :P I dare not to go to the bathroom after watching the movies, or, I will leave the bathroom door open. Hahahahahaha.

So, why do I still love watching horror movies? Let’s just say I love the mystery or story behind every horror movie. There is always a reason behind a haunted place, and it is always related to human. Horror movies are, most of the times, telling you a story from a different perspective. Don’t you want to know why that house is haunted? Why the spirits become restless? Why the living ones did what they did? Why……

I have never watched the trailer above to the end…… Whenever I saw this trailer on TV, I would quickly cover my ears and close my eyes! LOL!!! I’ve not watched the movie too, it looks too scary. Hahahaha.

Few years back, Andrew got me this movie, Dead Silence, since I told him I wanted to watch. I put the DVD on, just 5 minutes the movie started, I close and off everything. That scene is the beginning of the trailer above too. The moment I saw it was zooming in on the bed with something covered underneath the blanket, I hit pause! I was so scared and, Andrew wasn’t home!!! I think I deserve a trophy for acting so quick to hit the pause button, it was lightning quick I tell ya! LOL!

There was once I saw this trailer on TV, can’t remember what movie is that. I didn’t know it was a horror movie trailer, I screamed the moment I saw the ghost! Idiot!!! And Andrew was laughing! @__@

Do you like horror movies?

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” – Hide and Seek

6 thoughts on “The Horror”

  1. Wuahahaha u worst than me. But till now I still refuse to watch the ori version of ju-on (I think jap version ah), I watch d english one. And also The eye. No no!!
    I on d other hand is hb loveeeee to watch ghost movie, last time he used to drag me to watch horror movie at midnite! But after few times I had to on the light and radio to sleep after d movie (even he slept beside me,, I couldnt sleep at all), he doesnt want to torture me jor. Now he just buy dvd to watch at home, alone!! I’ll be pretending sleeping.

    I used to like to watch horror movie when I was young, but dunno y after dating, my “tam” left jor! Plus my imagination very vivid. I see ghost! Lol, nola, but I can imagine something there…everywhere I went, next to my bed. Errrrr d more I write, d more I feel I more pathetic! !!

    1. Now I pulak very pandai imagining things after watching horror movies. Got one time I had to ask my husband stayed inside the bedroom while I shower with the door open, and I would call his name once a while make sure he’s still there. LOL!

      1. Hahahaha. Yalah… He will roll his eyes and make some noise lor… but no choice, his wife geh pattern is like that. Hahaha. That’s why he oso doesn’t like me watching horror movies. :P

  2. I hate watching horror movies and the last one was Dark Water.. ever since my home TV, my bf TV (back then) and my TV at home all prohibited from playing any horror movie. I won’t watch it because I knew the side effects. Paranoia over any sound when I am home alone at night hahaha

    1. Dark Water oso another scary one lor… Actually I’m not scared when I’m home alone, that time have to tell myself I’m alone, cannot be scared. Hahahaha. It’s only during watching time, I must have someone beside me, or else I will really jump and freak. Hahaha.

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