Is Dress Code Necessary In An Organisation?

If you’ve been following me on my blog, or read enough, you’d know by now what my profession is. On and off I have to crack my head and squeeze out some extra brain juice for the company policies.

Sometimes I wonder, we are all adults, we should be able to know what is right, what we should do and what we should not do, why do we still need so many rules and policies to discipline us? On the other hand, I know there are people who will try very hard to find the loopholes and push the limits just so that they benefit more from the restricted situation. Sigh…… Trust me, we human are very creative when it comes to rule-breaking.

I’m not talking about a dress code that you have to follow strictly on what to wear. It’s more of a guideline on what is considered inappropriate in the office environment. Without a clear guidelines, people tend to test the limits. For example, when you say “appropriate length”, everyone has their own interpretation of appropriate length. What I deem short, the other person may not think so. Some think that as long as it’s slightly longer than a mini skirt, it’s fine. Some think that as long as it looks smart and neat then it’s fine to be short. I have even seen some fashion boutiques labelling some mini dresses as “work wear”.

I have people telling me that, “my butt is big, so the skirt looks shorter on me…… I am taller, that’s why it’s short.” How does that justify you wearing short? When you go to buy your clothes, don’t you try them on? If it appears to be short, do you still insist on buying? No harm to dress pretty for work, but pretty doesn’t mean you can’t look professional. I am tall too (5’7″), but I don’t use that as an excuse to wear something short.

I don’t deny that I did wear something short, but when someone told me it is short, I took note and I don’t wear it to work again. There were also times that I myself felt that it’s short when I was in the office and I don’t wear it again. When I buy clothes, I take extra note on the length of skirt and pants. It really makes me wonder, why can’t others do the same?

I really don’t wish the company to impose such strict rules on what we wear. We are all adults, we should know better how to discipline ourselves better. We are not children that need to be told what is right or wrong. Be a grown up, dress according to your profession and age.

I’m not some old lady who doesn’t have a fashion sense, and I’m not jealous of people wearing short skirts but I don’t. I do wear short skirts and mini dresses, not to work though. I just think you are portraying the company’s image through your actions, that includes what you wear.


This is a pretty dress, but is it appropriate for work?


Yes, I’ve seen people wearing this short to work.


I would love to wear these dresses, but not to work definitely.


Again, it runs a little too short for office wear.


Does pairing a mini dress with tights/stockings make a mini dress looks professional?


Now, I can totally see myself wearing these to work.


Yes, I’ve seen people wore this to work too. On a smart casual dress down day though.


And yes, I’ve seen people wearing this too and they think it looks “professional” just because they wore a working shirt.


Please tell me I’m not being too strict or conservative.


My skirts are mostly this length.

P.S.: I find Corporette has the coolest advice on female office wear.

5 thoughts on “Is Dress Code Necessary In An Organisation?”

  1. ooooo yalor. y need to write the rule down ler. so long the clothes doesnt offended others eg. too revealing .. i guess okay mah.
    but do u have rule for those who dress too sloppy? lol

    ee i always wear legging under a short dress. unprofessional?? hmm for my office oklah, since boss doesn’t bother on what we wear.. till one of my colleague can wear jean & tshirt to office (no eye see).

    but the mini skirt really damn mini ler. standing length is okay, but once u sit down ah. very short woh. but i love the 6th photo. nice ler. comfy yet not too casual for office.

    1. We already have simple rule saying “neat and professional”, “appropriate length”. But there are people who will push to the limits for that “appropriate length”. If I were to spell out what length is acceptable, that would be too much. C’mon lah, you’re already an adult working for so long, you still don’t know what is appropriate for work and you need someone else to tell you? Our bosses are quite ok de…. they also don’t want to impose such strict rules… But there are people who will do everything to push to the border of the limit.
      To me, wearing a legging/stockings underneath a short dress/skirt doesn’t make the dress “longer”. It’s still short.

      1. Hahaha true true, d skirt still short, but with legging at least it doesnt give an exposed feeling. And it look more decent mah.
        Appropriate length… hmm so what is your solution?

      2. “You’re adult, we trust that you know what is appropriate.” Hahahaha. We don’t want to control people lah. You’re so big already, still need to spell out what you should wear meh, if not then you just go beyond the limit? Like children meh.

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