Short Story #2 – The Bench

It was their favorite spot.

They loved to come here together. It was also a place where they would come when they needed to get away from it all, including getting away from each other.

They would sit there, shoulder to shoulder. Holding hands, looking at the magnificent lake, listening to the rattling leaves and allowing the breeze to caress their faces.

“If only we could waste our days away just like this”, she would always suggest.

“Not wasting, my love. Not wasting.” And he would always remind her. How could it be wasting when they were actually creating memories together?

“You know what I mean.” She would roll her eyes, as always. And he would pull her closer, kiss her hair and say, “Indeed, I do.”

Today, the need to get away from everything came knocking hard. Sitting on the same bench, looking at the same old beautiful lake, listening to the falling leaves and breathing in the cool air.

He caressed the bench, the empty seat beside him…… Solid, sturdy, polished…… Cold.

She had always loved this bench, it was love at first sight when they moved here. They would always come here looking for the other person after an argument. Arguments turned into hugs and kisses here.

Now, he was enjoying all these, without her. He missed her, so very much……

He was hoping, that she would come get him, as usual.

“I’ll be waiting, my love. And I’ll be ready when you come. Just don’t let me wait too long.” He whispered into the wind……


*I do not own this photo. Photo from the internet.*


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