Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Tummy

I’m not sure if it was me feeling bloated and gassy or the tummy is showing. I know it’s impossible to show this early.


This photo was taken last week. Now my tummy is bigger. :(

I normally have a bit of tummy, but usually I can suck it in and you can’t notice it. But lately I find it so difficult to suck my tummy in and my pants are getting so tight at the tummy/waist area. Even my low-cut jeans have become so tight which I had to unbutton it in the office because it was so comfortable. Mind you, the same jeans I have been wearing and I never find them uncomfortable before. Don’t think I’ve put on so much weight. In fact I think I’ve lost a little weight.

I thought I was bloated, but even in the early morning my pants would feel tight. There is a small pouch below my belly button, didn’t have it in the past.

Oh gosh…… I hope it won’t show so soon. I still have to keep this a secret from my colleagues until I’m in the second trimester. I can’t handle all the “congratulations” right now and I still haven’t gotten over my worries…… My phobia……


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