No One Told Me These

I have had friends and family pregnant before. They would tell me how it’s like to feel the baby kicks, the morning sickness, the backache, the food cravings and aversions…… However, they never told me how serious things could get! I wish they would have told me that it isn’t all ‘lovely-pink-roses-shower’ when you’re pregnant. When occasionally I heard the serious part, it is usually the extreme like bed-rest for months. Perhaps they didn’t want to scare me off, but I really wish that I knew all these earlier and at least I could have been mentally prepared and not feel so bad or panic when it happens.

1. Morning sickness could be all day and night. I wonder why it’s called MORNING sickness, it should be ALL-DAY sickness. @__@

2. No one has ever warned me that you could vomit that nasty bile juice!

3. You’d feel tired and fatigue all the time, that means you feel like SLEEPING 24/7.

4. Every pregnant woman has told me about the food cravings and aversions, but they failed to tell me that you may not have one and you may crave for different food EVERYDAY! Oh, and what you craved yesterday you may hate it today. Oh, you may just hate it right after you took 2 bites.

5. Milk will make your morning sickness worse.

6. Shortness of breath. I got so panicked when I was panting like I just ran a 10km marathon although I just walked for 5 minutes! I even got short of breath when I was washing my hair in the shower! Thought I was going to have a heart attack. -__-

7. Pregnancy glow? They forgot to say that most of the times you’ll have the sick-zombie look on your face and others will be wondering if you just got back from the “land of dead”.

8. It’s better to keep your make-up or skincare (or use organic ones) to the minimum when you’re pregnant, I didn’t know they were trying to say that you’ll be too darn lazy to spend time on your face or you’ll be too sick to do that.

9. Popsicles or ice-cream can cure morning sickness, it’s bulls*** about DON’T eat cold stuff. Just make sure it’s not home-made that contains raw eggs.

10. Smells can trigger nausea, that’s including things that smell nice. Perfumes set off my nauseous alarm big time, I don’t wear perfume now and I have asked hubby not to wear it either.

11. They told me crackers are good for morning sickness, but they didn’t tell me you will still vomit them out.

12. Your hormones can make you feel very emotional. That means sometimes you’ll sit there crying for 15 minutes for no reason at all and your husband will panic wondering if he has done something bad or you’re hurting somewhere.

13. You have to eat/drink healthy. However, when you don’t have the appetite for food, French Fries and Coke are considered “healthy” if you WANT/CAN eat. Better than not eating anything at all.

I really wish someone would write a book on all the possible symptoms that you’ll have when you’re pregnant, good ones, bad ones. Not for the purpose of scaring people off, but more of preparing all the women out there who’s planning to get pregnant or is already pregnant.

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