Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Pure Lazy

I consider myself a lazy bum even when I wasn’t pregnant. Now? Laziness at its best!

In the past, I rarely missed/skipped my skincare routine, every morning and night I would put on my skincare after shower. Now, almost every night I skip my skincare. -__- Even if I don’t, I’ll just pat the SK-II on my face. SK-II only, and not using cotton. I’m so lazy to sit there and apply everything. I just want to get on the bed as quick as possible. Make-up in the morning, I now skip my mascara as I’m so lazy to curl my eye-lashes. I know it doesn’t take long, but when you’re lazy, you wouldn’t even want to spend that extra 3 seconds. Also, my mascara would smudge (waterproof my a**) when I vomit. Yes, you “cry” when you vomit (if you don’t already know).

As I get short of breath easily now, I have Andrew help me in the shower. I’d sit on the toilet (with the cover down of course) and he holds on the shower head. Yes, I have to sit down when I shower. @__@ Oh, and he will blow-dry my hair after the shower. I know, I know. Go on and call me spoiled brat, I’m just plain lazy. Plus, I must enjoy all these privileges before they’re gone!

Since Andrew blow-dry my hair, I don’t bother with styling it now. I don’t even apply the hair oil anymore. When the curls behave, they look fine. When they don’t, it’s like a broom! -__-

I want hot Milo, all I need to do now is, “Hey…… Can you make me a cup of Milo pleaseeeeee?” Voila! Hot Milo is ready in 5 minutes. “Can you get me some water please?” Boom! Water bottle is refilled within seconds. “So boring, nothing to watch on TV”, there he plugs in the external hard-disk and I get to watch some new movies he downloaded. “I’m hungry”, “what you want to eat I’ll go and buy”. “Can you get me a pillow? I want Coke…… I want ice-cream……” Whenever I’m home, I’ll just sit on the sofa and then almost everything is “voice command”. I know, it sounds like I’m treating him like my maid. I do appreciate what he’s doing for me and I say thank you.

I don’t usually behave like this. I am really not feeling like my usual self. I have no energy to do almost everything. Do you know it’s been 2 months I don’t go shopping? I’d wait until I really NEED to get something then only I’d go, and it’s straight-to-the-counter-get-it-and-pay. Now I feel tired almost every minute and hour even when I’m sitting at home.

Complaining? Nope. Yes, I feel awful, but surprisingly the thought of complaining about it rarely crosses my mind. I don’t ask why this pregnancy is so difficult, or why can’t I have normal pregnancy, or wishing it would end soon. To someone who has had bad experiences before, all the symptoms are good signs.


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