Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

15 Weeks Update

At my 15 weeks now. My morning sickness has subsided a little, but not entirely. Sometimes I’ll be ok for a few days, only to feel worse again. My appetite has not come back yet either. I still get that sourish/metal taste in my mouth. I usually feel better during weekends when I get a lot of rest and food is easy at home. The happiest thing is, I’m off the anti-nausea pill. I no longer depend on it to feel better. Now I’ll only take it when the morning sickness is really bad.

Funny thing is, now I don’t drink Coke that much anymore. I don’t crave for ice-cream too. I still like cold drinks though. I hate Milo now. I’ll only have it at night when I feel a little hungry. My food aversions and cravings (I think I don’t have any yet) are still weird. I can’t exactly tell you what I hate and crave now. It would be easier if I crave for a specific food, much easier for Andrew too. The problem is, I don’t and it’s very difficult. Everyday I have to THINK hard what I want to have for lunch and dinner. Most of the times I don’t feel like eating at all. Sigh……

Appointment for the next check-up is this coming Saturday. I still feel nervous and worry. I’m not sure how the baby is doing, whether she is growing well. I can’t feel any movement yet, I can only hope that she is doing fine.


 At 13 weeks. Not sure it’s my belly fats or the pregnant belly.


 At 14 weeks. It’s getting difficult to suck in my tummy now. I don’t look pregnant at all, just belly fats.


 Taken today at 15 weeks.

Pardon me that I have to take my photos in the wash-room. Hahahaha.

Sometimes I would feel that the tummy is getting bigger, but sometimes I feel that it is just my belly fats and all the gas. I feel like I’m playing a waiting game here. Waiting for the appointment this weekend to make sure everything is alright, waiting for the tummy to grow so that I won’t be in this awkward-tummy-or-pregnant limbo, waiting to feel the baby moves, waiting for the morning sickness to disappear completely, waiting to be able to eat normal again……


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